21 January 2012

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Hello from Berlin! I've decided to compile a more timely post than I'm used to full of a few photos I've taken in the last 48 hours. It's not long since I was last here (6 months to be exact) and it's nice to have a familiar feeling about a city away from home and roughly know where I'm going.  I'm out here with Susie and we've had a chilled time so far, with moments including feeling confused by some surreal art by Mark Jenkins, admiring the brands at Bread and Butter and stalking Weekday.  On this visit I'm hoping to get more of a sense of the city itself, staying in a typical bargain apartment in a bohemian neighbourhood and getting local recommendations.  There's no rush to see everything as I can easily come back and I'm hoping that Berlin can become my default European destination if I ever have a few days spare.

owl notebook vintage berlin art
berlin street style
I spotted this amazingly dressed girl in Gestalten; stupidly I didn't ask her name or where any of her clothes were from!  She looked effortlessly cool and I loved the proportions of her outfit.

pepsi crates sonnenallee city cups cat plate knitted blanket

cos bubble knit jumper h&m coat red dr martens cos bubble jumper wishbone necklace red dr martens 
Coat - H&M
Jumper - COS
Tights, shorts, ring - Topshop
Dr Martens - c/o Spartoo shoes
Necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Thanks Susie for the photos!

For someone who thinks about knitwear an awful lot, I don't think I have that many exciting jumpers and cardigans.  I suppose that my degree has made me extremely fussy and critical and I'm forever searching for the perfectly knitted item.  I remember seeing this jumper on numerous street style websites and I was intrigued when it went on sale, even searching throughout four London stores to see it in person.  When I returned home unsuccessful after my mission, I'd found that the style had sold out online and took to checking the site every day for a convenient return.  Roughly two weeks later my patience was rewarded and this bright flash of neon was in my bedroom, ready to be worn.  The colour is certainly an immediate talking point and ticks off one of my resolutions plus the stitch is amazingly uniform.  I hope I can wear it enough to justify the purchase instead of admiring it wistfully in my room.  My newest pair of Dr Martens arrived perfectly broken in and haven't caused me any discomfort at all, which is a welcome change from my other pairs.  I guess they can be classed as the final part of my burgundy collection!

Mark Jenkins photo

I'm hopefully going to find some vintage by the kilo today (luckily I didn't pack too many kilos in my suitcase, in comparison to previous trips), so wish me luck!

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  1. Oh, perfect outfit! That jumper is incredible. Sadly I can't be within two metres of a yellow item without looking completely anaemic, or I would be hunting that down right now (only to stare at it sadly, because I am undergoing a spending ban).

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Woo hoo, so glad that I can comment again...was it just me?

    Anyway such lovely pictures, the lighting in that very first photo is beautiful.

    Love that yellow jumper, it's so vibrant!

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your photos from your trip and I hope you and Susie are having a fantabulous time!!

  3. i love your doc martens! i just saw the first pic of u and saw the boots and thought im in loveee!
    also love the girls outfit. would love to see more street fashion coz if its anything like that its pretty impressive x

  4. Good luck on your vintage hunt! x

  5. Yes, I think so too! :D I'm a big fan of Harry Potter ;)♥ Thank you! :D♥ I really like your backround too! :D And I love your Dr. Martens! :D♥ xx

  6. Great blog! I can't believe I have only just discovered you - I've spent the evening trawling your archives and am now an avid follower.

    I love Berlin, it's my favourite European city, I would love to live there. If you're still there, try to visit Treptower park on a hired bicycle - go over the bridge and have a rest on the decking and try to find the abandoned theme park!


  7. she looks SO cool omg!!

    AND love your outfit of course.

    J X

  8. the first photograph is amazing, the perfect cup of coffee! as always i adore your photography.

    your outfit is amazing too, i love all of the dark tones against the bright yellow.

    lookin' forward to seeing all of your vintage/secondhand finds, m'dear.


  9. i love the coat and the sweater! just perfect :)


  10. I've never been to Berlin but would love to visit! It looks like you had a great time, I love your yellow jumper, the colour really pops! Hope you managed to find some great vintage buys! x

  11. when you get back and at some point would you be able to jot down some tips about berlin and places to stay ect. i'm wanting to go this years but a few friendly pointers would very much help. that acid yellow cos thing is brilliant, i'm pretty sure my gf has some stuff in that colour from cos. and her mum. bright stuff

  12. That's me in the Gestalten picture! :) In case anyone's curious:

    Coat: Acne
    Sweater: Hope
    Skirt: COS
    Bag: American Apparel
    Shoes: Docs


    ps. cool blog!!