The Extra Day

9 January 2012

south kensington station

Don't you just love substitute Bank Holidays?  I was rather lazy over Christmas, using it as a chance to catch up on sleep and graze on the chestnut stuffing, but luckily I did manage to do something productive on my last day off.  I hadn't been to an exhibition in a while and I wanted to catch the Postmodernism and Power of Making exhibits before their inevitable end.  Despite them both being on since September, I managed to leave it until the last minute as per and faced the crowds of people also looking to make the most of the extra day. 

victoria and albert museum v&a power of making v&a power of making v&a postmodernism sign v&a postmodernism shop v&a postmodernism exhibition

It's obviously a lot harder for me to take my typical amount of sneaky photos with my DSLR, so I did fail on that front.  I stupidly forgot to bring a notebook and usually my camera is the next best thing when it comes to recording my perspective of everything, so all I can really recall is the mixture of art, fashion and music displayed to convey the amount of change during this period of time. I'd seen some of the works before in books whilst doing various Uni research, so it was great to see it on a larger scale and in a different context.  Once we've worked out what kind of era we're in now, it'll be interesting to see an exhibition in a few decades time, which will probably include blogging, Twitter and age of the content curator.  I can't help feeling excited about being fully engaged in what's happening now and it'll be interesting to reflect on the gradual conclusion.
h&m coat topshop top urban outfitters shorts h&m fur collar me and zena leopard necklace wolford tights vagabond lace up boots urban outfitters shorts h&m coat Coat, Fur Collar - H&M
Cardigan - Stefanel
Flecked t-shirt - Topshop
Tights - Wolford
Boots - Vagabond c/o Zalando
Necklace - Me and Zena
Ring - Claire's Accessories (a lovely gift from the Bullring)

It was nice to be out of my pjs for once so I took the oppurtunity to wear some of my new bits and pieces (I may have bought a few Christmas presents for myself in December, ooops).  This was the first time I'd worn my suede shorts in my beloved burgundy shade since buying them a few weeks before and my first step in committing to the items I end up buying.  I seriously think I have a burgundy problem as I will instantly buy an item if it comes in this colour and as much as I love it, I fear it's becoming my new 'safe option.'  It seems like ages ago now, but I braved the crowds in the Harrods sale to pick up these new Wolford tights with my Christmas money.  Although it was still a lot to spend on tights (and I'm so gutted I've found them here for less) hopefully they will stay intact a lot longer than some of my other pairs.  These are next on my list but again I shall be waiting for the sales again to buy them!  I've been wearing my new boots from Zalando for a few weeks now and they do the same job as the similar pair I have but with much needed laces.  I probably have a lace problem too and need to stop buying shoes purely because they lace up!

comptoir south kensington my old dutch pancakes kings road my old dutch pancakes with chocolate sauce

One of my undocumented resolutions is to try new restaurants and caf├ęs.  I always like to go by personal recommendations and I'm constantly reading Hollow Legs and wanting to try all of the bargainous places she finds in random parts of London. Jazmine had told me about My Old Dutch a while ago and I'd been craving pancakes ever since I'd found this place in Nottingham, so it was great to find somewhere a bit closer to home.  This photo probably doesn't quite get across how huge the pancakes were but they'd definitely give most restaurant pizzas a run for their money.  Luckily I'm not phased by food and polished mine off in its entirety!  How did you spend your extra day?

I also really need to go to the Dazed & Confused exhibition before it finishes, please keep reminding me!  Has anyone been yet?

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  1. Hi Kristabel

    Have been following your blog for a while now and as a newbie to the bloggersphere just wanted to say cheers as you've given me a fair bit of inspiration to get started.

    Keep them coming! xx

  2. I've been to the Dazed exhibition, it's well worth a visit!

    Your coat is bloody lovely!


  3. Ahh, those Old Dutch photos look amazing! It has been on my to eat list for ages, but I still have not been! I must go next time a friend and I are stumped for where to go for lunch!

  4. I want your shorts and tights, please!

  5. I love your suede shorts! =)

  6. I love My old dutch!! I went with Fi and Reena years ago, I totally need to go back. So yum. Loving your photos. Also those boots are so you! They remind me of school shoes (only much cooler obvs!) they're perfect for icier weather x

  7. This outfit is fab, you look lovely in burgundy! I need to be more cultured this year, I don't tend to do much with my spare time!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love the shorts, they look really great with the tights! Also, that pancake place looks fantastic, I really like the photo of the sign outside.

  9. Looking lovely as ever! So pleased you managed to find the stole ;) It looks seriously good with your coat. I went to the Postmodernism exhibition a few weeks ago, it wasn't my cup of tea but was interesting all the same! I went with my Uni (felt like a schoolchild again!) so didn't get to see any others, and I still haven't had the time too, so gutting. x

  10. I love the coat! And that crepe looks delicious! By the way, congratulations on being longlisted for the Marie Claire Fashion Blog Award too!


  11. Haha I saw you 2 talking about pancakes on twitter and had a feeling you were going to my old dutch! I worked at a restaurant in south ken and I've been to that place... I defo ate a whole one myself, hehe

    Your blog makes me miss London so damn much...sigh

  12. Mmm... Burgundy. And pancakes! Maybe I'll make some this weekend. Must go to the v&a more often too. X

  13. really enjoyed this post, i nice hit of culture on a tuesday morning. the exhibition looks really good, that makes me want to seek out exhibitions in my local area. my save colour would be blue or green, maybe safe isn't the word though

  14. aw gotta go there when I'm in London again! both exhibition & old dutch!
    Really lovely post - and your outfit is amazing as always :)

  15. Super cool post, really.
    Your blog is one of my favs.

    Sara Ottavia C.

  16. pancakes are my weakness...these looks...omg im drooling on my computer!

    BTW DID U KNIT THAT O..M..G amaze!

  17. I have been so busy all throughout the fall that haven't made it to a single exhibition :(... and I know I've missed on quite a few good ones.

    Ill definitely be checking out the old dutch though! Thanks for the recommendation- I'd never heard of it!

  18. Those pancakes look delicious! I may have to make a visit there when I'm next in London. Love those tights :) x

  19. Love the fourth photo and your outfit so much!!


  20. you are so cool! like the pictures, and i cant get enough of your blog!

  21. Great photos dear, and I love those tights!

  22. Love Love LOVE the suede shorts! Have to try that one as a much more charming (and vintage) alterntaive to denim!

  23. You look beautiful in your coat and boots! Very stylish and good for you to take in a cultural activity, I rarely do lol :) Love your blog (just found it!)

  24. I absolutely love your shorts and tights, such a interesting combination in terms of colours and prints! You look stunning <3

  25. You've changed my ideal of pancakes!

  26. Those tights are so sexy! Love it

  27. I really LOVE your shoes!!!! :D♥ xx