The First Day

18 February 2012

MAC london fashion week

Can you tell what it is yet?  It's London Fashion Week yet again and although it doesn't seem like we were admiring clashing prints and pastel hues all that long ago, it's now time to find out what we will be going crazy for 6 months from now.  I can't believe it's my fifth season here and what seemed completely foreign to me all those years ago (people asking where you were from and it having nothing to do with a postcode) is now almost second nature.  A few changes this season have brought about a larger press lounge with a definite buzz, charging lockers to revive dead smartphones and easy access to Vitamin Water for all.  I even have seats for some of my shows!  As per usual, I've been enjoying some quality time with some of my favourite bloggers and spotting some familiar and famous faces around the cobbles.  The first day started off with missing a train, then a show and wondering if I would ever make my way out of South London.  Luckily the rest of the day improved and I put my somewhat honed DSLR skills to good use to snap some of the ambience for you all.

felder felder AW12 london fashion week felder felder AW12 london fashion week felder felder AW12 london fashion week felder felder AW12 london fashion week kat maconie felder felder AW12 london fashion week felder felder AW12 london fashion week

I guess it's a blessing that I always seem to have a few spread out shows as it gives me a chance to really appreciate what I do manage to go and see.  I managed to secure a spot next to the photographers pit at Felder Felder, which made it easier to admire the mineral prints, complementary Kat Maconie shoes and mix of intricate and chunky marled knitwear.  The Felder sisters use opposites to create balance in their collections and provided the perfect yet unusual pairings of metallic leather and printed silk to get their point across.

orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week orla kiely aw12 london fashion week

There really are no boundaries when it comes to presentations and it's great when real effort is made to show the clothes off in the most ideal environment.  For Autumn 2012 Orla Kiely provided a 1920's tea dance to showcase her latest collection, with the models playing their characters perfectly and entertaining onlookers by sipping tea, posing and occasionally dancing with a suited fellow.  I felt that I could really interact with the clothes and took a fair few close-up collar snaps whilst trying to work out which piece I could save up for.  The nature inspired prints, flattering waisted shapes and ladylike aesthetic appealed to the side of me that would quite like to partake in more elegant pursuits.  I will use the next six months to work on this accordingly.

ppq bike bicycle aw12 london fashion weekppq aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week bebaroque tights ppq bike bicycle aw12 london fashion week ppq aw12 london fashion week
Thanks to Nadia at LG for the ticket!

The last show of the day for me was PPQ and my situation crouched down taking photos near the front row contrasted wildly with the romantic and sophisticated creations on show.  I've noticed a clear monochrome trend sweeping the fashion weeks so far and this collection was entitled 'Black Out' to make the point hit home.  My favourite pieces to shoot were the ombre effect gowns, which seemingly glided down the catwalk.  The show was not as fast paced as some typically are, but it at least gave me time to take everything in whilst concentrating on capturing everything as I wanted to.  The most unexpected element of the show were the customised bikes that were brought out for the finale and I'm very much tempted to vastly improve my cycling skills to sport one of these around town.  Maybe the Boris bikes need an upgrade?

If you want to see any more London Fashion Week coverage, head over to my Facebook Page and follow my tweets to keep up with all of the bits in between!

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  1. Your photos are brilliant! I watched the live streams of Felder Felder and PPQ, wasn't sure about Felder Felder as some of it seemed a bit like it had been done before, although I love the leather pieces, but seeing your pictures I'm much more impressed! I'm really loving the prints and the knitwear, you've got them captured just right!

  2. the PPQ bikes look insane, they make me want to take a cycling trip. And I love the idea of Orla Kiely's model installation - its a different spin on performance theatre in a way, means you can get really up close and appreciate the clothes! xx

  3. i love the clothes soo much :) xxx

  4. Beautiful pieces! Love the Orla Kiely dance party

  5. Oh Kbel! Your photos are so stunning and crazily clear. I do miss not being there this year but at least I get to check out your posts to keep up to date!

  6. Brilliant post kbel! I looove felder felder the most there for sure, those prints are amazing! And the shoes.. glad you saw some good shows :) Xx

  7. Your photos are wonderful! PPQ looks amazing, definitely in love with those gowns!

  8. I have to say I just love your photos! The colors, the movement... Just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing this, this looks like a fabulous collection. I especially love the colorful dresses.

  9. Your photos are beautiful! I LOVE the texture at the PPQ show and those Bebaroque tights are to die for!

    Maria xxx

  10. Glad you had a great day! It was lovely meeting you!

    Also, I thought I'd seen you at PPQ. I was literally in front of you, on the front row. Can't see me in any of these photos, but if you have some of a girl in a nude lacy dress... Well, that'd be me! :)

    -Elodie x

  11. The Orla Kiely exhibition was my fave of Friday. So much fun to sit and drink champagne out of vintage glasses and eat cake whilst the models danced. Beautiful looks too, I loved the vintage-inspired bags, simple leather designs that are super wearable.

  12. absolutely amazing photos! the bike idea is so different and innovative, lovely. thanks for sharing xxx

  13. The prints at Felder Felder are amazing. I bet even more so in person!

  14. Great seeing this models with the latest clothing trends. Whenever I go to fashion shows I always see something new and that is what I love about it. The experience also excites me...

  15. man your images come out so well