Portobello Revisited

16 February 2012

multi coloured houses notting hill

My most recent attempt at London appreciation saw me going back to one of the first markets I ever visited, the ever bustling Portobello.  I find that apart from being confined to South London, I'm either Central (trying to avoid the temptation of Topshop) or East (eating Vietnamese food), so it was nice to rediscover a place I used to visit as a 17-year-old trying to figure out her own style.  I find that I don't buy as much from markets now as I used to, due to my brain being filled with potential internet buys and idealised vintage, but that doesn't stop me from being fascinated every time.

old books made you look sign notting hill old vintage suitcases baskets portobello market british mugs portobello market notting hill vintage china

I realise it's becoming a bit of a trademark going to places and taking pictures of random stuff but I seriously can't help it!  Each assortment of items seems more delightfully random than the last and I'm determined to capture every scene until my laptop is full again.  Despite the slow-moving crowds, I enjoyed my visit and would recommend the market as the perfect place to find accessories.  I couldn't take a picture but there were some lovely handcrafted leather bags made in India that I had my eye on and plenty of quirky jewellery.  This area of the capital is London at its finest, with envy-inducing houses everywhere in the pastel hues of SS12; I need to win the lottery!

tom's deli westbourne grove eggs benedict tom's deli tom's deli westbourne grove urban outfitters jumper h&m coat mint tights urban outfitters jumper h&m coat
Coat - H&M
Skirt - Beacon's Closet
Tights - Topshop
Dr Martens - c/o Spartoo Shoes

I might be one of a few bloggers that gets really excited about yarns and due to a gradual shift in the way my mind works, I wanted to try out something with a colourful flecked effect for myself.  There are so many space-dye effect yarns that make a simple jumper really eye-catching and even though I accidentally bought this jumper whilst waiting for a friend, it's one of my favourite accidents so far.  I'm not usually a pink person but the painterly overall look won me over and it's the perfect length to tuck into skirts or wear with jeans.  When I bought my mint tights I wasn't quite sure how I would wear them but they complement the jumper perfectly and remind me of something Lucy might wear.  I'm also starting to rediscover my love for my brogue Dr Martens in preparation for ankle socks and warmer weather; I really am ready for Spring and can't wait to stop wearing this coat!  The foodie pictures are the result of a long wait for brunch at Tom's Deli, a tiny yet eclectically furnished cafĂ© and shop on Westbourne Grove.  It was too crowded to take pictures of all the interior, but reminded me of an old sweet shop and is definitely worth a visit if you can get a table.

ladbroke grove houses

Have you been to Portobello market recently?  I might just be going back to oogle the bags some more...

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  1. I went with Sherin on Saturday!

  2. I love Portobello Road, I always get the song from Bedknobs & Broomsticks stuck in my head tho when I visit!

    Sweet necklace too..where's it from? :)

  3. I took some very similar photos last month, it's hard not to! I love the suitcases and random bric a brac. I'm also loving your pastel tights, may have to get myself a pair :) xx

  4. Love love love your style:) + your blog in general

  5. I have never been there actually. I'm coming to London tomorrow(from Norway, where I live), so perhaps I'll have time to look for it. Hope so c:

  6. Portobello is one of my favorite places in London, these photos really make me want to pack my bags up and get a flight to London. So beautiful. I love your outfit it's amazing especially that jumper! You look great

  7. I can't believe I've never been to Portobello before, especially seeing as I'm in London a fair amount. It looks so quaint! I love the idea of your jumper being a subtle galaxy print - Christopher Kane, eat your heart out! xxx

  8. I love visiting Portobello market! :) I try to go as early as possible to avoid the crowds, it get's so busy by Saturday afternoon. Not been for a while but I must go when I've saved some pennies, I always see so much I want to buy! It's such a lovely area to wander round!

    Caroline x

  9. gorgeous post!

    i love your outfit, and the food looks incredible, i LOVE poached eggs in any way, shape or form!

    great post x

  10. I've never been (surprised?!) haha, totally on my list of places to visit.

  11. I have never been to a proper market like this and I would love to go but \I think I would need a tour guide! LOVE this jumper, I love the spacey effect :)

    Maria xxx

  12. I was born in notting hill, but I've never been to portobello market as a fully functioning teenager with a purse fulla cash. need to make the trip - especially after these photos xxx

  13. Love this and love that you have debuted those mint tights, those are awesome! The pics of Portobello markets are really lovely, I've actually never been and I totally need to visit!

    Oh and those eggs look AMAZING!

  14. Oh I love being from London. This post has made me want to visit Portobello again, it's just got sooo much charm.

    I know what sort of bags you mean, I saw loads when I was in India and I wish I'd have invested in one then!

    e x

  15. I love the colours of the buildings in the first photo. So pretty! I wish we had more markets here but we're not really set up that way. :( I was craving eggs benedict today and that photo is not helping!! lol

  16. really great shots!!
    and you make me wanna wear white tights again ^_^

  17. i've only been once, with adele actually and it was so busy. i didn't really enjoy it but i guess that is the luck of the draw. interesting jumper/coat fabric combo, like it