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7 March 2012

blitz vintage department store shoreditch london

There are many things I've been putting off recently, which mainly include organising a visit to the dentist and listing various things on eBay.  Both are vital for a healthy life in my opinion.  I'd been curious about Blitz ever since I'd read about its launch party on several blogs, with its main point of difference being that it was a vintage department store with several sections catering to all your second hand needs.  My recent visit to Tony's Gallery has made me determined to visit more shops and galleries around the Shoreditch area and when Rachel presented me with a handy Shoparazzi Discover Pass, the deal was sealed.

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I realise that everyone goes about buying their vintage in different ways, some are always lucky at out-of-town car boot sales and charity shops and others prefer boutique style shops like Merchant Archive which specialise in all things exquisite and designer.  Blitz definitely has an important role to play within this mix; as much as I like unearthing a bargain within a dubious looking pile of clothes, there's definitely something about careful merchandising by colour and tinkering about to make each piece easier to wear.  The prices are comparable with other vintage shops in the area and it's certainly one of the nicer experiences to have, providing a welcome respite from the rain and crowds.  I really liked the whole department store aspect, even though the furniture might have been thin on the ground.  Combining socialising and shopping with the addition of a café really sets this store apart and you don't feel as if you have to rush when you work your way through the rails.

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Fiona my shopping buddy

Methinks that all vintage shops should have a café in tow, as there's nothing like a tasty slice of carrot cake to console you if you don't manage to succeed.  Despite rifling through as much as possible, I was finding it hard to get my body to cooperate and make some of the pieces work for me so I resorted to choosing even more baggy shirts.  The stock seems perfectly matched to the kinds of trends people are after at the moment, providing a wide variety of paisley shirts, denim jackets and colourful midi skirts.  I'm extremely jealous of the job the Blitz buyer has to do, travelling far and wide to source whatever pieces their customers demand whilst weeding out a lot of the misses a lot of other stores have.

blitz vintage floral shirts
Two patterned shirts c/o Shoparazzi

Where do you prefer to buy your vintage, from a meticulously organised emporium type place or a little-known charity shop?  I'd definitely go back for coffee and cake again!

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  1. This shop looks absolutely gorgeous! Ah, if only I lived in London. The patterned shirts you got are particularly lovely.

    Emily Wears Things

  2. This is amazing!!
    Things like this are so satisfying to see and that cake looks absolutely delicious.
    JS xx

  3. ohh this place looks lovellyyy, if i find a vintage store i just walk in hehe lol :) x

  4. That looks like my idea of a vintage shop! It's very rare that I find myself with the patience to rifle through piles of stuff with no idea if I'll find something I like, so I'll always appreciate somewhere that's been nicely merchandised!

  5. already seen a couple of pictures of this shop, definitely gonna go when I'm in London this summer, looks like my absolute dream shop !

  6. love the shots you took, captures the essence of Blitz really well.

    J x

  7. right blitz was on my list of places to go in london but it turns out we went down the wrong end of hanbury street and didn't come across it. we sat in nude espresso searching for it on googlemaps but their location doesn't seem to show up yet and we couldn't get the address from their site. doh. i regret it badly now though, we should have planned ahead more. it looks wicked to me. reckon this would be my prefered way of shopping rather than a jumble sale style but i still do the rounds and charity shops. i do tend to find most of my stuff in organised places though. wouldn't mind a paisley shirt

  8. Looks amazing! How were the prices?

  9. OMGosh, the collections of floral shirts looks heavenly!! I need to pencil this as a place to visit next time I am in london X

  10. Ooh if you like this you'd love our vintage shops in Amsterdam! They're typically neat and tend to rework the clothes to fit a more contemporary frame.

  11. This looks absolutely lovely. There's nothing like the satisfaction of finding a gem amongst the tat in a charity shop; but it's always nice to shop somewhere as beautifully presented as this, where everything is merchandised and the stock has been carefully selected. The carrot cake looks delicious too!

  12. Great blog post :) I love vintage style especially accessories :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  13. Looks like a perfect little shop... =)

  14. Oooh this looks great - I love the idea of vintage but am veeery impatient and so never seem to find anything suitable! But now I really want to go and have a nose round Blitz, it looks right up my street. Lovely photos, too! And yay for FI!

  15. Lovely blog.

  16. The photos are lovely, The Blitz Spirit looks like a real treasure trove.

  17. Oh my goodness... you and Fiona looks SO CUTE in that last photo.

    I suck at vintage shopping so I very rarely do it. I always feel super overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stock and often feel so unimpressed by the high prices. Okay, maybe this just applies in big cities because I LOVE going vintage shopping in random towns in the US. Especially at places like the Goodwill where hardly anyone is on the look out for 'fashion' items. You can find awesome stuff for super cheap... if you're willing to have a good rummage.

    Anyway, Blitz looks awesome. I love cakes and coffee and I love shopping... so this sounds like heaven. xx