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30 March 2012

westfield future fashion

One of the perks of being a 'blogger' apart from the obvious community aspect and fact that I can waffle on about trivial items such as nail polish and the perfect shade of yellow, is some of the amazing events I get to attend and the unique insight it offers me.  I must admit that I do the majority of my shopping online (most things I'm after are pinned here) and love to mull things over for a couple of days before I purchase.  However, there's nothing that can replace the physical feeling of seeing something you love hanging on a rail, trying it on and if it fits nicely, handing over your cold hard cash (or battered debit/credit card in my case) before skipping out of the shop with a lovely bag.  With the Westfield shopping centres in London being so new and connected with all things digital, they've created a series of 'Future Fashion'  events that run until the 9th of April, fusing all of the online curation aspects we love (such as creating polyvore style mood boards) in 'real life.'  I was invited on Monday evening to try out some of the technology and listen to a presentation about East vs West London style by Grazia's fashion editor Melanie Rickey.

westfield london future fashion mood board westfield london future fashion london style Melanie Rickey Fashion Editor at Large Grazia

I've never really attributed my style to an area of London (I think the South-East gets overlooked in this case booooo), but I guess I can relate to certain relaxed elements of style seen in East London.  Melanie Rickey gave us an exclusive look at the presentation she puts together once all the fashion weeks are done and dusted plus some of her thoughts on how the style differs at opposite ends of the capital.  She mentioned that fashion designers tend to be based in East London, whereas fashion business and brands tend to hail from the West which could be responsible for the slightly slicker feel that can be seen at all the various Head Offices.  Meadham Kirchhoff are seen as a brand that represents East London fusing traditional couture techniques with eccentric styling (remember my post from SS12 here) and presenting their extreme version of femininity, in contrast to Louis Vuitton's slightly softer and polished West London offering.  Of course it's easy to generalise the two areas and the Internet does create a blur between city cultures allowing us to pick and choose the elements we love wherever we live.  Have you noticed a difference in style depending on which area you're in? It definitely is an exciting time for fashion in the capital and there is a definite move towards a more individual output, focusing on creating a longer lasting style rather than flash in the pan trends.

westfield london future fashion
Note my expression of extreme concentration.  You might have guessed this was not my photo either.

Of course I had to have a go at creating a moodboard on one of the 103" LCD screens, which you can see on the Westfield Facebook page here (click on the bloggers tab).  Even though I'm a Photoshop devotee, it took a bit of time for me to get to grips with the touch-screen technology (hence the bizarre placement of images) but I feel that it reflects some of the things I want to wear this Summer *cough polka dots cough*.  Are you planning to try out some of the technology?  The event is on in Westfield London until Sunday and lands in Westfield Stratford from Wednesday 4th April until Monday 9th.  I'm sure the areas will be busy but let me know if you manage to catch any of the action!

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  1. Looks fun...touchscreen technology is so hot right now. I know my old university is building some kind of touchscreen device for educational use! Anyway, still can't believe I've not been to Westfield yet!

  2. Hi Kristabel,

    How's your knitting going? It's been lovely to plug into your blog again after some time away. It's great to be reminded of just how far people can take their blog e.g. going to events, awards etc. Yes, I've been making a few online purchases over the weekend myself, there's not much left at ASOS's warehouse now, so I'm told!