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8 April 2012

lulu guinness aw12 i love london

It seems that I've been a little greedy with my press day visits this season and now have the tricky task of whittling down thousands of photos so that this blog doesn't need endless scrolling.  Recently I've been questioning the idea of these sorts of 'press day posts' and whether it's more worthwhile waiting until all of the items I feature are actually in store.  These days I'm always thinking so far ahead and when I see something I like, I prefer to share it pretty soon after regardless of whether it'll be hitting the shops in a few more months.  I'm pretty sure that by the time all of the Autumn stuff is in store, my mind and camera will have moved onto the next thing with only my attire staying in the correct season.  In my attempt to break things down, I've decided to focus on some of the accessories that have caught my eye, which all retain some sort of British twist.  

lulu guinness aw12 lips clutch
lulu guinness bag
lulu guinness aw12 glasses bag
lulu guinness books bag aw12
lulu guinness aw12 lips leather bag
lulu guinness aw12
lulu guinness aw12 macaroons

It was a welcome change spending part of the morning swooning over some of Lulu Guinness' latest creations before rushing back to work and normality.  Each season the theme is watertight and for AW12 the bookworm is in style, with the eclectic bookshops of Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face providing the inspiration.  Titles have been swapped for some of Lulu's favourite sayings and the interior boasts the same functionality present in previous designs, albeit with a literary twist.  I'm even more convinced that I want to add one of her slouchy nappa tote bags to counteract some of my structured satchels and at least seeing the collection so far in advance means that I have enough time to save accordingly.

zatchels pastel bags satchels
zatchels polka dot satchels
zatchels leather
fluorescent zatchels satchel leopard print
zatchels pastel straps

Just when you thought that all of the satchel possibilities had been exhausted, Zatchels manage to come up trumps and create a way for such a classic design to be updated with a modern twist.  Although I chose a classic red style back in February, the pastel shades were definitely a second choice and I'm almost regretting my decision after seeing them in person.  Although there are a few companies specialising in the humble satchel these days, Zatchels have really pushed the range of colours, prints and styles and have become so successful in just a year and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

tatty devine how to make necklace
tatty devine aw12 crowns
tatty devine jewellery making
tatty devine skull necklace
I loved Fiona's necklace that she wore to the Aussie event, methinks I might need to borrow it soon...

I've only recently become a Tatty Devine convert, after admiring their designs every season at London Fashion Week but never quite knowing which piece to buy first.  I get overwhelmed very easily.  You can't go wrong with something personalised, and it was pretty cool to see one of the girls in action at the MLPR press day and to have a charm necklace created for me on the spot.  It was all in aid of The Tatty Devine Charm Club, which is to be launched in July and allows you to be sent a new cute charm every month to adorn a hand-made bracelet or necklace and keep your jewellery fresh and exciting.  Expect to see my necklace in an outfit post very soon and hopefully a new name necklace once the new Selfridges store opens.

H&H holly hannah metal nail art

I hope that everyone's having a lovely Easter weekend! 

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  1. This is my kind of blog post! Accessories galore! I love it all! xxx

  2. Desperate for a Zatchel bag, so sweet!

    Emily Wears Things

  3. I adore the book carry all, and I love the 5 a day thing on your comment form! x

  4. I terribly love each one of those accessories!! Damn!! Why am I in Italy???!!!


  5. Those satchels are amazing...I'm seriously drooling here. The polka dots, pastels,'s almost too good to handle. I might need to pick one up. I've got a handbag addiction. It's a problem. :)

    <3 Samantha

  6. I need more accessories in my life. Those pastel Zatchels bags are lovely!

  7. Ooh, now I'm interested in those nails. Definitely going to check those out. x

  8. I love Lulu Guinness!

    Maria xxx

  9. I love the Lulu Guinness lips clutches!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. How cute are the polka dot Zatchel bags? I really want a satchel, but I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the choices! Classic or quirky? Match-everything tan or pastels? CONFUSED!
    Love the Lulu Guinness bags too, especially the lips. The remind me of the sort of thing I'd have bought in Claire's Accessories in the 90s. In a good way, obviously.

  11. I love that Lulu Guinness book bag, I so need it being a bit of a book worm - I can't leave the house without bringing a book with me. Currently its 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami :)


    London Fashion Review Blog