A Darling Discovery

25 April 2012

strawberry victoria sponge cake

When it comes to getting dressed, I have two sides to my personality.  The first side of me likes to embrace my femininity with a nipped in waist, wooden soled shoe and polka dot pattern somewhere in the mix.  My second side longs for the effortless style of certain Scandinavian bloggers and intriguing construction and detailing found in labels such as Acne, COS and Weekday.  The result is a bit of a fight between the two sides, polka dot tights with an asymmetric dress because I refuse simply to stick to one look and love to experiment (I hope I never grow out of it despite seeing articles that state this is necessary).  I guess that when it comes to style, I like to have my cake and eat it so when I recently went to the Darling showroom to take a look at some of their collections I took the chance to live out my theory.  It's always nice when a brand makes their collection come to life with strong visuals and relevant edible props (I couldn't stop eating), so instead of being stuck in the rain I decided to indulge the sweeter side of my personality.

antique mirror
darling rail of clothes
blue flowers
prosecco in a teacup
photo frames

As a result of the near-perfect setting, I ended up taking so many photos of the evening and popped as many as I could here so that you could get a sense of it all.  The Darling headquarters also serves as a design studio and must provide the perfect inspiration what with all the various bits and bobs that adorned the room.  Even though I'm used to seeing collections far in advance now, it was nice to have a reminder of Summer and admire some of the pastel dresses with a contrast lace overlay as well as thinking ahead for how I might want to transition into Autumn.  There are plenty of catwalk references to the more Gothic and heritage inspired collections at a typical High Street price point (the brand can be found downstairs in Topshop Oxford Circus, plus at Asos and like-minded independent boutiques) and plenty of variety whether you're into collars, quirky prints or a bit of tweed.  I'm not sure if I would style the dresses in a completely ladylike manner as a nod to my other side (hello Dr Martens) but I'm excited for the potential.

teapot and floral napkins
darling clothes ss12 lace dress floral skirt
pastel macaroons
strawberry tarts
darling clothes aw12 lace dress floral skirt

What do you think of Darling; does the brand fit in with any of your multiple fashion personalities?  I think I'd like to model my bedroom on their studio, complete with the endless supply of cakes!

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  1. it's very girly isn't it, not my field but i tell you what, your images are looking great at the moment. have you got to gripes with all the manual setting on your camera now? it sure looks that way

  2. The photos look gorgeous! Especially the colours. Mmm. What's the mysterious food-thing with the blackberries on top? Berries and rosemary is an, erm, interesting combination.

  3. I think the shop appears a bit boring, but your pics are great! They should hire you as a part time photographer ;-) Love the flower skirts!


    i feel the same way! ALL THE TIME, constantly fighting against my style....although recently this grandpa style ive been wearing has been amazing!

    anyways, hope darling fills your needs to be all you can be

  5. Holy Freaking Moly. Darling looks like a brand that I would absolutely love to covet too! Such sweet little dresses...and the cake! I am won over.

  6. Oh what beautiful clothes! This definitely fits with my *very* girly side!

  7. Darling = exactly that. I have come away with macaron cravings, as well ;)

    Fashion Blog - Lela London

  8. The blue dress is perfection!

    I love all of the framed prints too, definite inspiration for the new flat.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Becky at life/style/flash. blog x

  9. it looks like a very comfortable place to shop :D

  10. Beautiful pictures, so many gorgeous things! x

  11. Lovely pictures and even more darling clothes (har har)

    Maria xxx