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11 April 2012

battersea car boot sale

Do some of these pictures look slightly familiar?  A little while ago I made a long-awaited trip back to Battersea Boot Fair, which holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that it inspired my graduate collection.  Even though my journey there took longer than usual (never take a bus anywhere in South London), I still managed to pick up three skirts for the bargain price for £6 within 15 minutes of looking around.  I never know what to expect when I turn up and luckily I'm rarely disappointed.  Do you have much luck at car boot sales?  It's my favourite purely because it starts at midday and only really starts to get busy after 1pm, which is perfect for my lazy Sunday routine!

battersea car boot sale
battersea car boot sale
battersea car boot sale
coffeee and cake
three vintage battersea car boot skirts
vintage vogue magazines
jane shilton bag clarks henderson shoes

Afterwards, I couldn't resist hijacking Jazmine's room and taking a few photos in the picture-perfect setting she's created.  I don't want to spoil things and hopefully she'll do a bedroom post soon, as the d├ęcor suits her personality well with it's variously arranged knick-knacks and vintage furniture.  I do love a good nosey at other peoples living spaces and it was great to see all of her Vogue magazines and thoughtfully curated wardrobe.  I hope that I can be as organised one day!

motel stripe nautical dress mint tights jane shilton bag
astrid and miyu armour ring
motel stripe nautical dress mint tights jane shilton bag
jane shilton bag
motel stripe nautical dress mint tights jane shilton bag
Dress - Motel
Tights - Topshop
Clarks smart shoes - c/o Spartoo

I've had this dress for ages now and thought it was about time that it got another outing.  Although I'm often drawn to a striped dress, they can often be far from flattering if the waist isn't in the right place and I love the gentle fit and flare shape of this style.  My mint tights were the ideal update and my new Clarks shoes kept everything Spring-like on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  I've loved the cut-work detail ever since I saw the adverts which feature them (Harriet owns them too) and I'm sure that I'll be wearing them loads this summer, if not purely to incite better weather.  Now when it comes to bags, I tend to veer towards a more classic style and I jumped at the chance to receive a lovely new bag from Jane Shilton to add to my collection.  It bears similar hallmarks to some of the vintage styles I have, with plenty of handy compartments for all my junk.  Hopefully I will now be able to find everything easily instead of my typical 'Where's me keys..where's me phone?' routine!

clarks sky henderson cut out brogues

I must say that I was very impressed with how the photos turned out by Jazmine's trademark brick wall and I'm hoping to make a return visit soon!

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  1. Oh wow I am in love with your white shoes sooo pretty I have to have them :)


    Rose x

  2. Lovely outfit - those shoes are so cute! I really want to go to Battersea Boot Sale, but always seem to be in London on bank holiday weekends when it's not on, boo!

  3. Lovely outfit, I feel the same about striped dresses. This one looks perfect! I'd love to go to the Battersea Boot Sale sometime but for the moment French flea markets will have to do :) x

  4. I love seeing tidbits of your life! :)

    xo Joana

  5. You look lovely, I especially love your outfit!

    Maria xxx

  6. Oh wowww Kristabel, you look amazing. Love the pastel tights and those lovely cut out shoes. You look so Summery! Also, Jazmine's room is so lovely, you captured it perfectly!

  7. Ahh Kbel, your shoes, tights and dress are just perfection (: seeing Jaz's Vogue storage makes me wonder if I should sift through my precariously stacked magazine collection at long last haha! Whoops!

  8. Hi Kristabel!
    I like your shoes a lot! :)

  9. HELLO It's MEEE! Love your shoes they're super cute! And also the ring.

    Finally have time to read (some) blogs now that i'm vegging out on holiday..

    Pitt Cue when I'm back!


  10. Wow, a carboot which starts at midday sounds like my cup of tea! Lovely outfit, the tights are such a nice colour and that dress is great, I agree about the difficulty of finding a striped dress which a flattering waist!

  11. The mint tights are such a cute detail

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s check out the giveaway on my blog! :)

  12. i've not really been to a car boot since i was a kid, we don't do that thing so well around my area. shame though, i love that stuff and try to go to markets when ever i visit a new town.

  13. You look amazing, and I really need to pay a visit to Battersea soon! Maybe have to third wheel with you and Jazmine! xxx

  14. I have been meaning to go to the fair for ages! Your pics are great and the skirts awesome. What a steal! I also really like our bag. I have a Jane Shilton wallet that I got from TK Maxx. It's bright orange and I adore it!


  15. congratulations!!! I love your blog!!!
    I invite you my blog to follow!!
    Best kind regards from Hamburg!!!

  16. great pictures and i really like your blog!



  17. I've never been to a car boot sale in the UK before! Oh my gosh - I need to change that! I'm sure I'd love it. The skirts you snatched up look awesome.

    I'm also a huge fan of having a poke around people's personal space! Mwaahahah. It's so fun!

    Totally agree regarding the striped dress! Yours is so cute and super flattering. I often find striped dresses wind up just making me look like a bag of potatoes... the way this one fits is so perfect!

    p.s. LOVE the last shot of your jumping shoes! xx

  18. aaah I have those shoes - they look gorgeous on you, and aren't they so comfy?!

    Love the dress too, and I really need to go to Battersea carboot soon!

  19. These shoes are perfection!!

    Despite the fuddy duddy impression Clarks manage to create at least one pair of shoes each season that I covet and this season it's these!

  20. Ahhh I can't believe you go to Battersea and I didn't know. We need to have a carboot sale meeting party haa. Do you ever go to Wimbledon??

  21. gorgeous outfit! I LOVE that handbag! :) x

  22. oooo, the mint is such a lovely complement to that navy and white classic stripes.

    and totally agree.... so often, stripes are not the most flattering, especially for us ladies with some hips or a bust (guilty right here!). you look marvelous!


  23. love your amour ring & your style

  24. loved reading this post. really like your blog. new follower :) x