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29 April 2012

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'Oh dear' you might cry, 'Kristabel's joined the iPhone herd and saddled us with another one of those Instagram posts'.  A true blogosphere meme if there ever was one, which I'm finally getting a chance to partake in.  I'm never a person with the most up-to-date phone; I got my first brick when everyone was onto their customisable Nokia 5110s (gotta love the noughties), then got my Nokia 3310 when most were onto their first cameraphones.  Gradually, I was starting to get those same feelings of 15-year-old envy with my previous Blackberry model and winced every time I saw another one of those sepia tinted photos pop up in my twitterfeed.  I've been using Apple laptops for quite a few years now, but the mobile version had so far eluded me, due to inconvenient contracts and a previous lack of funds.  A few weeks ago I finally took the plunge and decided to abandon my ageing phone for a brand new 4s, complete with numerous apps and time-wasting abilities (hello Draw Something).  Now I see how easy it is to be addicted to being constantly contactable and having the world at your fingertips easily.  Who's with me?

iconemesis feathers iphone case
iconemesis feathers iphone case

I was sent this handy feathers case from Iconemesis to ease my initiation into customisable phone attire.  I know that back in the day those Nokia phones had this feature and I often used to jazz mine up with the odd glittery nail polish, but there's something distinctly slick about today's versions.  The amount of choice out there is overwhelming and I'm sure I'll grow into changing my cases as often as my underwear one day (this one is next on the list), but until then I'm happy with the calming feather design.  Luckily I haven't had to deal with my battery running out in an awkward situations yet but I know it's inevitable with the amount of blog-reading that I like to do on various modes of public transport.  This portable charger that was sent by Mobile Fun is a godsend and will be useful for combating the utter moment of confusion when your phone suddenly switches off when it was all going so swimmingly.

instagram blog post

Exploring Shoreditch on a Saturday - A quick snap of blossom before my commute - Quirky wrapping paper at Joy - 
A typewriter at Lucy and Carrie's house - Gem and I in Company magazine - 
Interiors at the Urban Outfitters press day - Treats in jars - A surprise Glossybox 
 These Jana Reinhardt necklaces reminded me of the twitter icon - Beaded collar spotted at Darling
Thought about making jelly sandals happen- Also considered a hipflask - 
Was gutted to have to send my tiny Me and Zena ring back - Gorgeous undies seen at the Boux Avenue Westfield opening - More wooden sandal love, this time the culprit being Medwinds - Things to make your home pretty

food drink coffee instagram blog post

Starting the day with smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels - Yummy Victoria sponges amongst other things - 
The perfect smoothie - I know that photos of coffee are ubiquitous on these things but I couldn't resist - 
Paella was the perfect unexpected dinner - Pancakes, ham and scrambled eggs at The Breakfast Club
Cheese-fest at Vapiano - Chocolate for Sunday dinner (I jest)

shopping instagram fashion blog post

Wearing inappropriate shoes for puddles - A crazy few hours shopping after work and almost having a COS breakdown - New nail art - Finally bought this Asos elephant-print shirt, I blame 25% off - All dolled up complete with collar - 
Wearing the same floral trousers and denim combo as Amy - I can't believe I'm dressing for Autumn weather in April - Drenched satchel, I hate this weather!

I am loving the ability to capture random day-to-day elements in my life, that previously weren't documented due to leaving my DSLR at home or getting annoyed with the Blackberry quality.  Now I can see my life through various retro filters and my photos taken on the move have their own designated space and can be treasured rather than forgotten.  Expect a lot of food, sneaky shop pictures and flowers if my current form is anything to go by.  There are a couple of clich├ęs that I'm probably going to be guilty of, which this twitter account sums up perfectly (the Pinterest version is a good read too).  We might all be scratching our heads in ten years time as to why taking random filtered photos was so popular (or even sooner depending on what Facebook does), but I'm happy capturing nonetheless.  If you're able to, follow me @fashionknitsta to see what I'm up to and let me know if you're similarly addicted or of any other apps that I need in my life.

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  1. welcome to the world of the iphone, it is truly addictive. love draw something as well although im absolutely crap at drawing anything - lola x

  2. Still looove that feather case. Regretting my ridiculous choice of phone now that there aren't any phone cases for it! (Shallow? Me?! :P) Your food compilation looks unbelievably good, oh what I'd do for a smoothie! Thanks for your comment on my introvert post too, btw, so many insightful comments on there (:

  3. Even though I follow most of the same people on Instagram and bloglovin I still love instagram blog posts! It's just nice seeing all the photos in one place as well as spread out. Glad you've joined the instagram crew though, and I absolutely love your hair in yjr centre of your wearing/buying photo - you look gorgeous!

  4. Seeing as my phone cost me about £15 from tesco, I have a feeling the days of instagram are still a whole world away! Your cover's lovely, although I still reckon a dash of glittery nail varnish will improve it loads, maybe some bubble stickers too?

  5. I love instagram posts - don't be ashamed to jump on the bandwagon :) Cute feather case too!

  6. Bah, another one we lose to the iphone cult (sorry, instagram envy talking). I love these, so so cute. Can't wait to see "your week in pictures" :P

    xo Joana

  7. Love your IG posts, so awesome to see you on Instagram! Looking forward to plenty more of these. Love how you separated it all into different sections! The case is lovely. I'm the same as Harriet, I follow loads of people on IG but there is definitely something really great about seeing everyones posts all in one post like this!

  8. really enjoy reading your posts. i've always been behind with phone trends too. sometimes i still wish i had my nokia 3410. snake? space impact? it had the best games! :) x

  9. portable phone charger, say what! i need one of those. you won't regret buying an iphone, seriously

  10. Hi, reading a few posts and catching up so forgive me if this comment seems out of sync! Absolutely love the Darling range - discovered it a couple of years back and have bought a few things from them. xx

  11. aww kbel, this is SUCH a good post! :D love that you've taken the time to collect all these photos and pleased to see our typewriter in there! ;)

    pahaha I used to paint my 3310 with nail varnish! The lols thing is that I then gave it to my dad and he kept that cover haha, for years!

    Thanks so much for your chicken and presence at my birthday girl!


  12. Love the instagram pictures, definitely an iPhone fan!

  13. instgram is righteously addictive. I love it!! I wanna do it all day!!!

  14. oh yeah, im saving for an iphone!.. hopefully i can splurge on one for my birthday, all my friends tell me i'll be addicted within 5 minutes, hehe x

  15. Oooh, I'd love an iphone! I'm pretty behind on the phone trend too, and my first 'brick' was a Nokia 3310 also!! lol