Legs and Lobster

20 May 2012

Swedish Hasbeens Stap Low beige clogs with ankle socks

It's always tricky trying to work out when to go bare-legged in this country.  My threshold is usually 23 degrees but this year I'm willing to make an exception as you never know what's around the corner.  In this country's case, it's probably Autumn.  It's become quite tricky to pair the right tights with my outfits and as Carrie and Lucy have proved in the past, some things just look better with bare legs.  This was my outfit for a sunny Saturday afternoon, in no way was it comparable to the heatwaves that are a rarity in this country, but I felt particularly brave on this occasion.  Have you been getting your legs out recently?

House of Holland AW11 crochet t-shirt monki skirt
House of Holland AW11 crochet t-shirt
House of Holland AW11 crochet t-shirt monki skirt
T-shirt - House of Holland
Skirt - Monki
Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens c/o Spartoo
Jewellery - Forever 21, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Socks - Tabio

This House of Holland tee is another one of those AW11 sale finds that I never got around to blogging about, but I'm finding it quite suitable for SS12.  Somehow this granny square adorned tee seemed more appealing at half price as in the past I've tried and failed to crochet a few myself.  I couldn't resist picking up this skirt in Monki as I've been searching for a replacement for this too-short American Apparel number I sold recently.  Am I getting a bit sensible with my skirt lengths these days?  I think my days of awkwardly tugging my hems are over.  I've been wearing my new clogs with tights for the past few weeks, so it was finally nice to ditch them and pair them with some cute ankle socks.  My Mum despaired at another pair of Hasbeens as they're not particularly alluring and might seem reminiscent of the clogs I had when I was younger, but I love them anyway.  They're extremely comfortable (don't be fooled by the wobbles) and I'd take these over your typical stilettos any day.

Burger & Lobster Mayfair

After visiting the Dover Street Market sample sale, I finally managed to get to Burger and Lobster with Stella (see her review here) and am counting the days until my next visit.  It's not very often that I can afford to eat in Mayfair, but at £20 for a whole lobster (aka the gift that keeps on giving) and unlimited chips and salad, you definitely get a lot for your money.  I'm attempting to become a bit more of a foodie these days (methinks it's a result of all the tantalising Instagram photos floating about on a daily basis) and trying to discover new places to eat in London instead of relying on old favourites.  In typical 2012 fashion, I've made a Google Map to keep me on track when deciding on places to eat when on the move and I'm hoping to cover most of the list this Summer.  I hope it helps any of you that are around the capital and I'm open to any more recommendations.

The winner of the Wah Nails book giveaway is Azra, congrats!

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  1. You can totally pull off bare legs :) Thinking about it, I never usually have bare legs either, I tend to associate it more with going on holiday - which reflects the British weather really. I'm not really a seafood person, but that Lobster looks divine! You're photography is beautiful :)


  2. Oh I love those shoes of yours! It has to be at least 30 degrees out for me to consider bare legs!

  3. I have attempted to give up with tights for the year but it is just too damn cold for me still! I admire your bravery - and it definitely suits the outfit!

  4. Lovely outfit! Those shoes are adorable with the ankle socks. I'm terrible at judging the weather and normally end up leaving the house in tights but having to change somewhere to put them in my bag because I'm roasting. You can't win in the UK.

  5. Brave girl, I am definitely still shying away from bare legs! I'm just too much of a sissy! You are right though, some things really look better bare legged, so its an almost daily debate I have with myself whilst getting dressed... My solution? Trousers. They're pretty much all I've worn for months. Fingers crossed the sun comes out so I can look pretty and summery in skirts like you!

  6. I've been outside with (almost) bare leg, I did have some stockings on my feet before I tripped outside and to school. It's been fairly nice weather - Norway has in a way quite similar weather conditions like the UK. Only reason why I wear nude/black stockings is that I haven't had time to shave my legs... ops, and I'm too lazy, so I'm just covering it up with stockings, hehe!

    @vforvilde on twitter :)

  7. You're very brave- I still think it's far too cold to go bare legged right now! And I'm super jealous- that lobster looks lush!

    Nat x

  8. Love the top and the shoes x

    autumnscloset. blogspot.co.uk

  9. I want that necklace!!



  10. The shoes and socks are such a cute look!


  11. Definitely will be checking out burger and lobster asap!

  12. Bare legs? Yes I have!

    I like that shirt a lot - I'm a sucker for faked patchwork, I don't know why. And the lobster looks DELICIOUS.

  13. that macrame style shirt...omg super cute! you pull off the socks and shoes soo well...on me I feel like I look like a clown!

  14. Love your shirt! So typical house of holland! Looks great!