A Wish Party

18 May 2012

Wish Magazine Launch handmade decorations

Have you ever wondered how your blog might look if it were a party?  I'm sure mine would be suitably chaotic, with plenty of things going on (nail art, photobooths, exhibitions) and about several different cuisines to choose from.  Last Sunday, when the whether was particularly sunny, I went to a party that combined the aesthetics of Carrie and Lucy's blogs to celebrate Wish Magazine.  The content and layout represents the things they love and is the perfect antithesis to all of the airbrushing and diet obsessions of modern magazines.  As you can imagine, there were photo opportunities around every corner and it took a good while to whittle down the amount of photos to give you a sense of the afternoon.  Described as a 'children's book for adults' the issue allows for dreaming and boasts plenty of inspiring interviews, illustrations and lifestyle features and even some gold stars for a bit of interactivity.  Although I seem to inhabit the online world more than the average person, I'm definitely welcoming buying more special magazines that perhaps come out twice a year and offer something more worthwhile than your typical gossipy title.  I can't wait to get my hands on the first issue and I hope there will be many more as it seems there's an important message to be spread.

Wish Magazine Launch I'm Wishing For
Wish Magazine Launch gin
Wish Magazine Launch party
Wish Magazine Launch cute shoes with ankle socks
Wish Magazine Launch knitting
Wish Magazine Launch pink meringues
Wish Magazine Launch striped pink and green straws
Wish Magazine Launch
Wish Magazine Launch old books
Wish Magazine Launch Penhaligons
Wish Magazine Launch teacups
Wish Magazine Launch Carrie and Lucy

Everyone dressed suitably for the occasion and it was the ideal time to bring out any sundresses that had been languishing in the depths of the wardrobe due to miserable weather.  I wonder if turning the things you blog about into some kind of offline brand is the future of blogging.  I can't help thinking that in ten years time, some of the blogger friends I've made might be the editors, journalists, stylists, designers and creatives shaping popular culture.

wish magazine launch party
Wish Magazine Launch gin
Wish Magazine Launch red velvet cupcakes

I decided to bake some Red Velvet cupcakes as my contribution to the party.  I tried to make them look as professional as possible but luckily they tasted better than they looked and disappeared throughout the course of the afternoon.  Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to start making them four hours before the party started and I did end up being slightly late, but it was definitely worth it (although my Mum wasn't too happy I turned the kitchen red)...

Wish magazine is available here from Monday 21st of May.  Will you be buying a copy?

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  1. I couldn't figure out how to comment you for ages then! Haha

    This event looked beautiful! Every little detail was thought of. I congratulate Carrie and Lucy it all looks fantastic. Wish I could've been there.

    I love your comment about our blogging friends being the editors etc of popular culture in a few years...it's so true! And what an amazing day that will be :) x

  2. AH! I'm so excited for Carrie! To have one's own magazine published fairly independently is such an awesome feat! I'm excited to see what's in store, especially if its remotely similar to her blog (which I love). So yes, once I get my monies together, I look forward to buying her first issue!

  3. Oh wow, they did a fabulous job. I think my blog party would be quite confused. I do wonder what social media and digital will look like in 10 years, I wonder if we will all still be blogging :) xx

  4. I am so jealous that you got to go to this - it looked amazing! I'm really looking forward to reading their magazine - the launch looked like it would have rivaled any press day.


  5. I wish (har har) I could have gone to this party, it looks beautiful!

    Maria xxx


    Your pics are fabulous! You got lots of things that I had missed! Im pretty sure we left some things behind on that mantlepiece now I've seen your snaps! :(

    Plus the shot in the mirror was a great idea! :) xxx