A Day in my Disco Pants

10 June 2012

American Apparel Disco Pants vintage floral shirt

Oh dear, you might be thinking, yet another blogger cliché.  First came the Instagram posts, now it's time for the disco pants, but please hear me out.  I was curious about the shiny-tregging phenomenon ever since they surfaced on the website a while ago and have since spread through the blogosphere (and streets of East London) like wildfire. When Republic got in touch about styling up a pair, my mind was slightly filled with dread as I've not been successful with American Apparel bottoms in the past, but luckily Jen convinced me otherwise.  They may look deceptively small on the hanger but somehow they contain Spanx-like properties and smooth things out where jeans might crease.  I stuck to fail-safe black and attempted to make them less grunge and more girly armed with my favourite buckle shoes and bow ring.

American Apparel disco pants review fashion blogger outfit post buckle sandals
American Apparel disco pants floral shirt

Shirt - Vintage
Wishbone necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sandals - c/o Brandosa

As you can see, I kept things pretty safe with a vintage floral shirt over the top to hide that awkward nether region.  I'm not sure if I'll ever venture into tucked-in territory like what Olivia did (see what I did there, excuse the grammar), but it is fun to have a nice and shiny alternative to jeans.  Finally I can channel my inner Sandy from Grease when I go out and not worry about a Ross from Friends leather pants situation.  Although I may have cheated slightly and not countered my fear of high-waisted skin-tight things, I think these will really come into their own during the Autumn/Winter months when I can layer up to my hearts content.  The AA page pointed me towards some non-typical styling ideas, which I want to interpret in my own way once Summer has truly left us.  They definitely have a lot of potential as they are such a basic item and easy to put your own stamp on, whether your style is more Darling than Dalston.

Are you tempted by the Disco Pants trend or not a fan at all?  I did venture into Shoreditch later on that day and spot a least five others in the same style, but maybe they are no less of a 'thing' than denim jackets or Dr Martens.  Now all I need to do is try out some dancing in them!

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  1. The disco pants look lovely on you! I've been wondering whether to buy some for ages but don't think I could part with £70 for them! I love your sandals too

    Julia x

  2. I also took the plunge and invested in a pair. They are super comfy and that Spanx like properties are AMAZING!

  3. Oooh I don't think this is a trend that is really 'me' as I steer clear of all things skin tight...but I love how you've worked them Kbel! I love it with the long vintage shirt.

  4. Generally not a Disco Pant fan (partly due to overkill but also because I think the risk of camel toe is too high!) but I do like how you've styled them, definitely a fan of the girly approach rather than the grungier looks you seem to see everywhere.

    Penny x

    1. LMAO at the comment on camel toe. The whole point with these pants is to get one. The guys actually go crazy!

      Obviously, if you are not from the skinniest end, then the camel toe might turn into an unflattering moose knuckle.

      If you are really shy about it, just wear a longer top to cover it up :)

  5. What age do you think you should stop wearing them? Bit of advice for a slightly older style junkie please? Love your look xx

  6. Haha the awkward nether region! I feel like I might resemble a badly packed sausage in disco pants, but they look great on you! x


  7. Not sure I will buy them but I really want to try them. They look great on you!

  8. I am a fan of them on other people, the thought of them on me however..

  9. They look great on you! :) I wish you a Happy Monday!

  10. This is amazing that river island asked you to do this, ahh I want free disco pants! After spending a total of £135 on disco pants and riding pants I'm obsessed haha x

  11. this is both simple and perfect ! Love it !

    See U !

  12. I'm still not sure on these, they look amazing on you but I'm so short I think I"d look ridiculous. I really like how you've styled them, I may have to go try them on and then see what to do. The price is a little off putting though xx

  13. republic are selling AA now, say wha. nice with the vintage shirt mhmmm

  14. You look amazing, I wish I had slim legs like yours so I could pull them off!

    Maria xxx

  15. I think these look amazing on and am DYING to try them! They seem to suit everyone. Hope I'm not too old for them! xx

  16. You look crackin' in your disco pants. Disco pants look good with a loose top. I usually wear mine with a loose off-the-shoulder sweater or black tee.

  17. You really need to wear more trousers - they look great! I quite like the disco pants on some people although I'm not sure for myself... x