Things Street Style Makes Me Think I Need #1

27 June 2012

ways to wear 90s boyfriend jean street style

I think it's time for a new pair of jeans.  You might have noticed that I rarely wear them on here, as they tend to be my attire for my 'off' days when the glasses are on and the hair is sticking up, but lately I'm starting to see sense.  They seem like a sensible option when you're unsure about the weather (my main predicament these days) and don't necessarily need to look scruffy.  Recently I'm starting to become tempted by something other than my typical skinny shape, deemed 'The 90s Boyfriend Jean' by Stylesight or even 'Mom' jeans by those across the pond.  Even the most horrifying trends from the past start to look right again eventually with a new sort of spin (case in point, jelly sandals).  My old memory of boyfriend style jeans involves wearing them low on the hips with a hoody and possibly a scowl but the 2012 reincarnation means wearing them rolled up at the ankle with a baggy tee tucked in and statement heels.  They look relaxed yet provide an understated sort of fashion sense that can work equally well at fashion week or when facing a nightmare commute.  The reason for this sudden change of heart?  I blame street style.

get the look baggy tapered 90s boyfriend jean

I've located a few pairs that might just do the trick on the interwebs, however as much as I love shopping online, this challenge may have to be tackled in person.  It's all about balance; the waist can't be too high (too Mom-like) and too many holes and rips scare me slightly (I'm not Rihanna).  Hopefully the effect is more like a denim version of sophisticated tapered trousers rather than some 90s throwback.  What are your go-to jeans to wear at the moment?  I'll let you know if I manage to look even remotely like the pictures above and whether I will end up purchasing.  My purse is leaning towards Topshop or Zara but I'll let you know if I find my perfect pair from an unexpected source.

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  1. I tried this look yesterday, but more because I was stuck in a Cape Town downpour and the bottom of my jeans were soaked, but will definitely be doing it again!

  2. I would like to try this trend but unfortunately it isn't the most flattering on a petite frame like mine (at a measly 5ft!) :(

    -Petite Promises

  3. Those Zara ones look great, for me with jeans it's still all about skinnies (bright) although I am quite tempted by some wide legged ones...

  4. I love how Mum jeans look, but not on a 5'2 size 16 me! I'm after a couple high waisted pairs though, in flares and skinny ones :) XO.

  5. I really want the 5th pair - but my mum has some in my size almost identical that shes had since the 90's so im waiting until she doesnt want them anymore haha. x

  6. number 4 is the mom-ish for me. just watch home improvements for inspiration. long bums and crotches

  7. If I had longer legs I would be all over boyfriend style jeans, I'm sure you will look amazing, you seem to suit everything!

    Maria xxx