An Unexpected Festival Outfit

17 June 2012

Lovebox Festival Flowers Victoria Park London

I am not your typical festival-goer.  I like home comforts, clean surroundings and queues in an orderly fashion.  My last festival outing was Reading in 2007, which I still harp on about till this day.  I make a point about only using the Waitrose toilets after witnessing the infamous 'long drop' on the first day.  Spontaneity usually fills me with dread, but when I happened to win Lovebox tickets after instagram-ing a pic at the Minkpink party on Thursday, I thought why not.  I knew a few of the bands that were headlining and hoped that I would discover a few more, as my iTunes playlist is woefully out of date.  I'm in musical limbo at the moment.  Whenever someone asks what music I'm into, I never know what to say without embarrassing myself so there's nowhere better than a festival to go and discover something new to listen to.  Although I spent much of the time wandering around and trying to gather enough courage to use the portaloos (conveniently labelled 'DAVLAV'), it was fun to absorb the festival experience and witness the merry attendees going about their business.

festival fashion hunter wellies wellington boots
me and zena leopard necklace jewellery
double finger ring tribal aztec nails
what to wear to a festival evil twin righteous bandana dress

Parka - H&M
Ring - Monki
Bag - Vintage

It seems that the typical festival look isn't just for the benefit of magazine articles.  There were enough pairs of Disco pants to keep American Apparel afloat for many years and if I had a pound for every pair of denim shorts I saw, I'd probably be able to buy my dream apartment on Shad Thames.  Your festival outfit has to be adaptable to all sorts of weather conditions, baking sun, pouring rain and relentless wind.  It was the latter that got the better of me; I was sneezing all over the place!  Still, I was glad I chose to wear my sheer tights and a suitable jacket, with plenty of pockets for my much-needed tissue supply.  I bought this Evil Twin dress before realising that it went in the sale a week later, so I had to do one of those cheeky exchanges (whilst spending part of the difference on something else).  The black paisley pattern is perfect for all seasons and I love the loose fit and front button fastening.  I was handily able to swap my shoes for some brand new wellies at the Hunter stand and I'm beyond happy as I've been after a pair for a while.  They'll come in very useful for any future festivals I go to and are the perfect addition to my collection of grey items.  Anything really goes at a festival and although I've played it pretty safe (I did spy a girl in just a leotard and wellies), I felt comfortable and true to my usual style.  What's your usual look at a festival?

Lovebox Festival posters Victoria Park London
Rita Ora Lovebox Festival Victoria Park London
Tornado Lovebox Festival Victoria Park London
vintage sequin beaded jacket
Rita Ora performing - The scary looking Tornado ride - Amy's amazing jacket got a lot of compliments

So what's my verdict?  I definitely prefer the London festival experience, as you're never more than an hour away from a hot bath and clean sheets.  I think the going to all three days of Lovebox would have tired me out, so it's been great to recover today and try and remember some of the songs that were played.  Have you got any festivals planned for this Summer?  I'd definitely like to try some abroad next year, mostly to avoid the rain that always seems to turn up in England so let me know if you've been lucky enough to go to the likes of Coachella or PrimaveraLondon-wise, who's up for Field Day next year?

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  1. I'm going to Leeds at the end of August - can't wait!

  2. I went to Coachella this year and it was AMAZING! Field Day is such a good day as well but you cannot beat the fun of a proper festival, Bestival is going to be so good this year.

    I am so jealous of you buying that dress, I have loved it forever but never been able to afford it, you look great in it! x

  3. How awesome to have won tickets and got a cheeky free pair of Hunter wellies! I absolutely love your dress, perfect festival attire! I went to Parklife in Manchester last weekend and two days in a row was pretty hard; I think one day is ideal, god I'm getting old!

  4. i've never been massive on festivals, i'd like to go to glasto for the whole experience rather than just a music festival. i am actually going to a vintage festival in september which is run by wayne hemmingway and his wife

  5. Very jealous! I LOVE a good festival, hope you had a great time. Fabulous clothes buy the way, and the nails are amazing!

    Helen x

  6. Well, it looks like you had a good time even though it's not necessarily you're thing!
    I went to Download Festival last weekend and had the best time, we stayed in one of the VIP podpad things and it was a definite improvement on regular camping, not perfect but you get an actual bed and electricity with proper flushing toilets on site so it was a lot more civilised! I just wish it wasn't so expensive 'cause I'd probably go VIP way more often!

    everybody else’s girl

  7. Hi I love your dress especially at the top with the black at the sides. Hope your festival was fun. I have just recently started a personal style fashion vintage etc blog. Feel free to leave comments on my posts. Tips are also welcome.

  8. I wish I could psych myself up to go to a festival but I am FAR too high maintenance!

    Maria xxx

  9. Nearly got tix for Lovebox but passed for family as it was my dad's bday/father's day this weekend - headed to T in the Park next month though and CANNOT wait!


  10. I love your festival outfit - great wellies! I am pretty scared of festivals generally, so being able to go home and get warm and clean is a must for me!

  11. Your festival look is lovely! I went to Reading last year, and though I had a lot of fun, and I'm very glad to have had the experience, I think I too came the conclusion I'm not a full-fledged festival goer. I'll stick to the local festival nearby where asda is always only a 20 minute walk.

  12. I like your Outfit, you look adorable wearing your Wellies, i love them.

  13. Ok, you are just adorable! I love this outfit on you and love your hilarious words about 'liking home comforts', etc. (a woman after my own heart).

    P.S. My friend Dearne (from Notting Hill Girl blog) and I were saying nice things about you today!

    P.P.S. Just realised you weren't on my blog roll and added you then!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Briony xx

  14. Yay! So glad it was you who won the tickets! x