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17 July 2012

Barbican City of London

Finally, some sun!  I know most of my 'Summer' posts seem to start with some sort of weather mention, but I can't help letting the forecast control what I wear.  I like to express myself but I also like to be comfortable, so I feel somewhat stifled by the rainy skies and confusing temperatures, wishing for something more certain.  It doesn't help that I'm addicted to reading blogs by those who live in sunnier climes, wishing that I could just leave the house in a t-shirt and shorts without a care in the world.  If a heatwave ever comes along, I'll start channeling looks by Night Lights, Calivintage & Colour Me Nana pronto.  Have you got Summer Outfit Envy syndrome?  Fortunately I realised that Sunday would be pretty dry and I was determined to make the most of the day with a trip to the Barbican with my little sister.  I've been meaning to see the Bauhaus exhibition for a while and after missing the 'Waste Not Want Not' installation (damn my poor planning), I realised that I could quite easily keep putting it off and forget it entirely.  I've always been somewhat fascinated by the Barbican complex, a sort of utopian environment in the middle of the capital with a distinctly retro feel.  I decided to get my sister to snap a few quick pictures, as she's always been fascinated by the workings of my camera.  Ah the potential of an eleven-year-old in-house photographer!

Barbican - Bauhaus Art as Life London
How to wear a denim jacket
Me & Zena leopard necklace vintage floral dress
How to wear a vintage floral dress
Office Repeat That White Leather Sandals

Denim Jacket - c/o New Look
Dress - Vintage via Snoopers Paradise
Sandals - Office
Ring - Monki

In order to make the most of a relatively sunny day (and remembering my resolution to commit to the items I buy), I decided to wear my vintage dress bought on my Brighton trip last month.  It's not my typical 50s fit and flare shape and isn't in the most perfect condition, but as usual I'm always drawn to the history of a piece and who might have worn it before me.  I did shorten it slightly using my haphazard hemming skills and am putting off adding a few darts in the bust even though I know it needs to be done for a slightly more flattering fit.  I had refused to buy another denim jacket ever since I gave an old one (from my B*Witched worshipping days) to charity, but as per usual some trends start to look right again after a gap of about ten years.  A handy voucher meant that I could acquire a more faded style to contrast nicely with a floral pattern, rather than with a matching pair of bootcut Levis as I used to sport. Yet again through the power of blogs, shoes have been purchased.   I spotted these shoes in this street style snap and realised they were identical to a tan pair I bought last year and fear will fall apart soon due to continuous wear.

Barbican London fountain

I'm also really excited to add that I've been nominated in the Established Fashion Blog category for a Cosmopolitan Blog AwardSend a vote my way if you are that way inclined, though I know it's a tricky one as I'm up against some stiff competition (and also friends) to claim the title.  Either way I'm hoping for a good old knees up like last year and finding some new reads in the process, so bring it on!

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  1. This dress is so beautiful I wish I had same <3
    and I'm looking for such shoes for ages !
    honey, would you like to follow me back? I really care of your opinion.

  2. i wanted to go to the Bauhaus exhibition but i never got round to going to the event thing that i wanted to go to!
    love the floral print on your dress, super cute!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! And I love that vintage dress so much; the print is so delicate and pretty!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. I keep putting off buying that necklace, I don't know why. Seeing it with florals on you has made me finally decide to get it (on payday that is!)

  5. Lovely summery dress, and I adore how you've styled it with those sandals and denim jacket! Sending a vote your way, good luuuuck (:

    x Michelle |

  6. you are ONE BRAVE WOMAN for wearing such summery things in this icebox!! and congrats on your nomination!x

  7. Kicking myself right now for not getting those Office sandals when I saw them online. They look absolutely amazing on. Congrats for the nomination as well - wishing you all the best with it! x

  8. You are giving me summer weather envy, even though we live in the same city! I love that dress!

  9. You look amazing K dawg. I LOVE the dress xxx

  10. i'm fed up of getting wet, i did go for shorts one time last week but that's all over. the barbican is one of my fav places i've been to in london, it just feels to different, i'm really into architecture and it just blew me away

  11. You look so pretty! Sounds like a lovely day :-)

  12. You look gorgeous! That necklace is tres cool.


  13. I really like this outfit, especially those lovely sandals, i t will be perfect for if it ever does warm up!

    Maria xxx

  14. Congratulations on your nomination dear! I've been nominated this year too (Lifestyle Category) - exciting times!

    Love the dress btw - I seem to me missing the summer window in London to wear summer clothes! x

  15. I love that you took your little sis on a day out to the Barbican and also for your dim sum treat! So adorable!

  16. Love this post, so long since I've been to the Barbican!