Goodbye August

31 August 2012

Just a quick one from me this evening as I'm currently mesmerised by the Paralympics and preparing for a few festivals that I have coming up.  August turned out to be a pretty decent month with a trip to Copenhagen, a scorching birthday weekend and my first Mulberry purchase.  There's a few typical photos (I know cupcakes may be considered clichĂ© on here, but I can never resist taking a snap) peppered with many unique experiences.  With Autumn around the corner, I'm determined to make the most of diminishing light evenings, comfortable temperatures and creative ways of not wearing tights.  What have you been up to this month?

instagram blog post things to see

Using wifi on my flight to Copenhagen - Models Own nail polishes in the new Selfridges Beauty Workshop - Flowers outside Liberty
Yayoi Kusama window at Louis Vuitton - Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen - Old photos for sale
Catching a bit of Olympic swimming - I need these checked Wolford tights - The view by the river
Cupcake heaven - I'm not normally a fan of typical trainers, but the A.P.C x Nike collaboration could change things...

instagram blog post food eating

Me & Zena style biscuits by Biscuiteers - A birthday cupcake baked by the lovely Lucy
Burger & Lobster seems to be on here every month - Cupcake surprises at work - Breakfast at Café Lyst
A birthday Meat Liquor feast - Trying out the new Lucky Chip venue in Soho - The perfect coffee

instagram blog post outfits shopping

Treating myself to some Wah Nails for the first time - Acne bargains from the outlet - Braved the pedalos in The Serpentine
Finally purchased my first Mulberry - Matchy nails
A transitional outfit; my H&M trousers always come out when it rains - Multi-cultural nails - New denim dress from Mango

Remember to follow me on Instagram @fashionknitsta to see all of my updates.  You can expect meals before they are swiftly consumed, multiple bright objects and random places in London.

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  1. Ahhh I freaking love that bag Kbel. Too bad it isn't festival friendly...but you know what, it's a good thing as I might have stolen it from you haha. I'm looking forward to a future outfit post with it in!

  2. Great photos! Kind of glad August is ending though, it wasn't such a good month, and my birthday is next month!

  3. Ahh, you got into Meat Liquor, jealous!

  4. oh those gorgeous nails from Topshop and your lovely bag!!
    love the idea of still not wearing tights, even though I don't know how much longer I'll resist!!


  5. I'm in London next weekend for the first time in aaaages and I think a Burger & Lobster trip may have to be done! Your photos of it always make me seethe with jealousy! x

  6. I love these posts of yours! Fab photos. Your H&M trousers are gorgeous, really like the pattern. Majorly eyeing up your new Mulberry as well!
    Lianne x

  7. i've not been on a flight with wifi as yet, seems like a strong idea. august was pretty ok with me, nothing major exciting though

  8. Those model's own varnishes all lined up make me really happy! :)