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14 August 2012

The Serpentine Hyde Park Olympic Rings

After 11 days off, normality is starting to set in again and I've rediscovered all of the non-BBC channels again.  My productive week off took a turn for the worse when I realised that I was a closet Olympics addict, free to watch hours upon hours of glorious coverage before watching it all over again in the numerous round-ups and montages.  It's a massive regret of mine that I was so apathetic about getting tickets and missed out on seeing some of these events in front of my own eyes.  It's not like I've avoided it before, vague memories of discussing the gymnasts' physiques with classmates during the 2000 Sydney Olympics are starting to come back to me.  Since it occurs every four years, as a child you're confused by the sudden influx of sport interrupting cartoons until all the formalities gradually start to make sense each time.  On Friday, I did the next best thing and caught the tail-end of one of the swimming events in Hyde Park on a sunny day, before enjoying Temper Trap, Ocean Colour Scene and Feeder at BT London Live

Olympics Serpentine Open Water Swimming Hyde Park
Olympics Serpentine Open Water Swimming Hyde Park
Nicola Adams Olympic Boxing Gold medallist
Hyde Park BT london Live
BT The most connected games ever
Nicola Adams Olympic Boxing Gold medallist

Highlights included a sighting of gold medallist Nicola Adams, watching the pole vaulters with baited breath anticipating another snap and narrowly missing the moshing stampede during one of Feeder's songs.  I can't even comprehend doing a tenth of what the athletes can do, but I am inspired to take up a few of the activities I've given up on and covet some neon trainers.  Are you sad the Games are over?  I'm starting to become tempted by Rio in 2016, maybe it's time to get saving...

Weekday No School Dress stripy flatforms satchel outfit
Asos spike bracelet olympic nail art union jack

Flatforms - River Island
Necklace - Brooklyn
Bracelet - Asos
Ring - c/o Nelly

The hair is still going strong and I'm starting to realise that a bit of shoulder-length distraction can work wonders for my wardrobe.  Determined as ever to make a Weekday purchase in Copenhagen, I decided to ditch my skater ideal and buy this baggy t-shirt dress as an easy piece to wear.  The effortless way of dressing the Danes have, wearing one statement piece and one only didn't go unnoticed by myself and I set about trying to channel this upon my return to London.  You've probably guessed that I jumped on the Olympic nail art bandwagon and had to adorn myself with the countries close to my heart.  It took two attempts to perfect this design (I spent a day wandering around with bits of cotton wool stuck to my nails due to giving up) but I'm hoping to treat myself to some birthday nail art this weekend and give myself a break. 

Y3 Yohji Yamamoto skirt

Changing the subject oh so slightly, on Saturday I took a break from my beloved telly and hot-footed it to N7 to sell my wares at Susie Bubble's renowned Yard Sale.  Although I did turn up slightly late due to realising at the last minute that I couldn't actually carry my bag of stuff, let alone a camera, the day was worthwhile (partly for the seemingly unlimited chicken satay that was on offer).  It wasn't my intention to buy anything at all, preferring to concentrate on my market stall patter but I couldn't resist picking up this wool Y3 skirt from Susie's table for a fiver.  It seems like the most uncomfortable thing to wear during this humid August but I'll no doubt be thanking myself come December!

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  1. I love this dress, especially with your hair! I imagine Rio will be amazing too, definitely worth saving for!

    Maria xxx

  2. Waaaaah, I LOVE your nails. And I like the shoutout to TWO countries. Nice touch.
    Also, I loved the Olympics and now have a "O don't know what to do with myself now it's all over" moment. LOL

  3. Love your nails. I have been loving all the olympic events going on and I cannot believe I missed susie bubbles yard sale! Always wanted to go xx

  4. I love your Olympic nails! The dress is gorgeous too, how sad am I not to have ny more Olympics to watch?! Can't wait for the Paralympics to start.

  5. Great nail art and I love that t-shirt dress.

  6. Gwaaaaan girl. Wicked blog. I likey. I'll be back

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  7. jhvahhaxmj love your outfit. So quirky. So very quirky.

    And yes we're MOST DEFINITELY following you.

    lurvee Ammie xx

  8. Lovely photographs, you looked so gorgeous! I love your sunglasses!

  9. Lovely photos Kbel! I'm glad to see that the hair is still going strong, they do suit you and it's nice that you can change your look in an instant with those clip ons! I love the blue dress you're wearing, it's a gorgeous colour!