Picturing July

1 August 2012

How quickly has July flown by? Although I spread these posts out a fair bit, they always seem to come around quickly and shock me when I've realised what I've managed to get up to in (roughly) 30 days.  Behold yet another filtered visual feast.

fashion blogger instagram what i saw

Waiting for the Craig Lawrence show at the V&A - Visiting the Bauhaus exhibition - Bows in American Apparel
The perfect looking house in Hackney - Calm on the Southbank before the Olympics - Celebrating at Jazmine's surprise birthday party
Making a Levi's Print London t--shirt - I like Shoreditch even more when it's sunny

fashion blogger instagram what i bought

The perfect COS knit - Vagabond shoes in Urban Outfitters - I'm trying to master the ombre effect in the ads
Ankle boots at the Dune Christmas press day - A jumper featuring an important year - My new iPhone case
Stocking up on socks - Necklaces at Tuk Store

fashion blogger instagram what food  i ate

Healthy fruit to start the day - Sharing dim sum with my sister
A much needed Pinkberry on a sunny day - Burger & Lobster makes me extremely happy - I had a few too many of these
Meat Liquor heaven - Doughnuts for everyone! - One of my favourite Vietnamese dishes

fashion blogger instagram what i wore

In the MCM double decker bus - Wearing my H&M Versace skirt in 'Summer' - Triple trouble
New Hasbeens dupes as recommended by Ellie - My brother has started to develop his own style
All dressed up for a wedding - Henna inspired nails - Finally a new hairdo!

Now I'm off to Copenhagen tomorrow to visit Fiona for a few days, which I'm very excited about!  I booked the trip expecting to want to escape the Olympic fever, which isn't exactly true as of now (I'm still frantically trying to get tickets) but at least I'll be back and able to camp out by my screen for everything next week.  Expect a fair few photos on my Instagram feed if I can find some wifi and a cheeky Weekday visit, plus I'd be grateful for any recommendations as to what I should do and see!

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  1. Your photos have reminded me that the thing I miss most about London is the food.

  2. I love these monthly posts - looks like you have been having a lot of fun! Loving all those American Apparel bows and the food looks so yum!
    Lianne x

  3. cops does sound pretty cool, i'm hopefully going to visit adele in amsterdam at some point when she's all settled in

  4. also that blue building is top!

  5. Frilly socks and doughnuts - the perfect post in my eyes!

  6. I love all your posts,they are simply great. It would be really nice if you could visit or follow my blog www.chetnaabbeygandhi.blogspot.com.

    Greetings from India.

  7. Cute photos! I've just found your blog and I love it :)