Absorbing Copenhagen

24 August 2012

wrapping paper hearts on string

Just in case you were worried I'd forgotten about the rest of my Copenhagen photos, here is a post overflowing with the best of them.  Looking back, they definitely seem to capture a lot of the lush, calm surroundings, rather than my typical sneaky-shop photos.  I probably should have attempted some of my rare street-style pics, as I was constantly in awe at the beautiful people who seem to inhabit the city in loose layers, but alas those images are committed to memory instead.  It was certainly one of the most laid-back European cities I've ever been to and gradually I managed to forget a few of my rushed London-isms in order to embrace everything around me.  You can probably tell I was particularly enamoured with the multi-coloured buildings that lined the lakes, making every picture look as other-wordly as possible. 

things to see in copenhagen colourful buildings
flowers in copenhagen
vintage teacups
copenhagen archictecture
breakfast in copenhagen
restaurant in copenhagen
Café Lyst Copehagen
copenhagen lakes
Fiona on a bicycle

Seeing Fiona's relaxed yet eventful lifestyle made me jealous of her recent emigration.  Copenhagen is so compact that you can get around easily by bike and avoid public transport most of the time (unless you're easily lost without Google Maps, like me).  Even though the shops aren't open for as long as I would like (I constantly felt like Cinderella) there's always plenty going on in the way of shop openings, magazine launches and free festivals. If all else fails, then there is even the aptly named 'Party Bridge.'  During my stay I managed to pop to a flea market, where there were plenty of Acne jeans to be found (I managed to find a nice pair in the outlet) and typical bits of bric-a-brac. 

outfit post fashion blogger
Alphabet Bags Letter K Initial
Palm tree dress converse
Palm tree & Flamingo dress by Influence

Dress - Joy
Converse - c/o Spartoo shoes
Bracelet - Asos

Somehow I still managed to fit multiple outfit changes in my tiny suitcase and brought along my much-loved flamingo print dress from Joy.  It's a dress that really encompasses Summer 2012 for me, due to it's kitsch nature and nod to all things tropical.  My low-top trainers were perfect for all of the walking I did and the socks are the result of a necessary hosiery related spree.  Surprisingly these pictures were taken in the Assistens Cemetery, which seems like more of a park rather than somewhere you'd avoid. 

river in malmo sweden
what to see in malmo sweden
assistens cemetery copehagen

At long last, I can also now say that I've been to Sweden! It's so easy to pop across the river by train to Malmo and take in a new country for less than the cost of a flight.  As per usual, there was a lot of aimless wandering around before stumbling across The Turning Torso and catching the train back to Copenhagen.

My trip is now feeling like a distant memory but it was the perfect way to start off August and refresh my mind.  I'm hoping to go back next year to finally brave the cycling and visit all the places I didn't manage to see (such as Tivoli).  Where have you been recently?

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  1. Your photos are awesome, definitely fancying a holiday to copenhagen now xoxo

  2. Your outfit is perfect for sightseeing. Copenhagen looks lovely, I've never been there but it seems like I might just have to pay it a visit. ;)

  3. Copenhagen looks lovely, definitely going to add it to my list of destinations to visit very soon! I love the paper hearts in your first picture and all the greenery is nice to see in a city! xx

  4. love the dress :) Copenhagen definitely looks worth visiting! xx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous blog! You're rediculously talented :)


  6. Love these and so awesome that you managed to fly over there to see Fi, If only I could have joined you - one day this will happen. Love the chilled one of Fi and her bike and one of my favourite photo-bloggers is from Copenhagen and I am always swooning over her gorgeous photos from the city. It looks like such a great place to live and call home.

  7. How awesome, I am jealous of your travels!

  8. These are so so beautiful, I didn't think I could want to visit even more than I did after your last post, but it's possible! xxx

  9. I love people's holiday snaps so this blog post is a winner with me! xxx

  10. Ooh just for anyone's FYI Primark do that exact dress too (or did in the summer)

  11. It looks amazing, I'd love to go to Copenhagen one day. Well I'd like to go to a lot of places one day but there's something about Copenhagen that draws me towards it and your photos have increased that pull!


  12. Copenhagen looks lovely, I must go there. Great pictures too.