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23 September 2012

Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales

In keeping with my mission to discover more of the UK, something had to be done about my knowledge of Wales.  My first and only trip took place when I was a child and Butlins seemed like the best thing ever so I was glad to be given the chance to rectify this thanks to Cath Kidston and to experience the charming village of Portmeirion for myself.  Alas I'm too young to remember the original Prisoner series that took place there, where the village had a far more sinister purpose, so I was seeing everything with fresh unknowing eyes.  There is an other-worldy feel about the architecture, which makes you think that you could be somewhere far more Mediterranean than North Wales if it weren't for the weather, making it the perfect setting for a boutique festival of this sort.  At first the line-up seemed like a sea of names I'd never heard of, but with the help of Olivia I managed to discover three new bands (Summer Camp, Kindness, Beth Jeans Houghton) and get the perfect view from the front of the crowd each time.

Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales
Beth Jeans Houghton Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales
Tea bus Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales
Byron Hamburgers Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales
Summer Camp Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales
Portmeirion Village Wales
Portmeirion Village Wales
Portmeirion Village Wales
Portmeirion Village Wales
Flowers in Portmeirion village Wales
Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales

I'm slightly gutted I missed some of the comedy acts and other activities on offer, due to exploring all of the hidden nooks and crannies while there was still daylight.  It's pretty much impossible to cover everything you want at the best of times, but when the village boasts an old railway and walks through the woods, you can be prone to moments of indecision.  We decided to explore the gardens to their fullest, browsing the trinkets and chutneys on sale before attempting to watch the sunset by the beach. 

Signs Portmeirion Wales
deckchairs in Portmeirion Wales
seashells Portmeirion Wales
Portmeirion Village Wales
What to do and see in Portmeirion Wales
Me and Zena broken hearts ring
How to wear a camouflage camo jacket
Camouflage jacket Me and Zena paintbrush necklace
Camouflage jacket denim skirt
muddy brogue cath kidston socks

Skirt - Monki
Tights - Primark
Brogues - Office

It wouldn't be a British festival without plenty of rain and I somehow failed to mirror my Bestival packing skills by leaving my wellies and hat at home.  My favourite brogues are now pretty much ruined but I was already prepared for their demise after noticing a few holes due to extending wear over the past few years.  I think I might have to create a sort of 'Master Packing List' for these sorts of situations so I don't forget important necessities and leave silly things like flatforms at home.  It seems like camouflage jackets are everywhere at the moment, making us into an army of sorts.   Instead of dismissing the trend, I decided to ask for one as a birthday present to put my own spin on and like the idea of wearing it with something unexpected like Jen does here (I'm also extremely jealous of her Phillip Lim t-shirt).   I'm forever on the hunt for quality knitwear to team with my many skirts and dresses, so chose this cashmere sweatshirt from Pure to add an Autumnal touch to any Summer items I'm not ready to let go of quite just yet.

Everything Everything Festival Number 6 Portmeirion Wales

So it looks like that's it for my festival posts and the Summer itself! It's been nice knowing you, slightly-above-average temperatures and lazing around in the park and instead I'll look forward to cosy afternoons in caf├ęs and rediscovering my tights collection again.

A massive thanks to Charlotte at Cath Kidston for such a wonderful weekend with two of my blogger buddies, this kind of bonding needs to happen more often!

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous, you have inspired me to seek out No. 6 Festival next year :)

    Lisette xoxo

  2. That Byron van and Tea bus is totally following you around. LOVE IT.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing and something I'd love to go to. Looks like such a good day, I love these kinds of events.

  4. Such gorgeous photos and totally agree no british festival is complete without rain and mud! ox

  5. I love the look of this festival, I wish i'd have known about it. Your photos of portmeirion are lovely! they brought back some memories of a holiday there when I was young. I'm pretty sure portmeirion is where Shirley Bassey is from too!


  6. I love these pictures and your outfit!

  7. This place looks so cool.
    I love your camo :)

  8. why to festivals in Britain look ten times more magical than the one here