Pandas, Pruitt & Cake Pops

30 October 2012

Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo blow up panda invite

The Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo launch was another one of those 'OMG-I-must-pinch-myself-I'm-a-blogger' moments.  I received a mysterious zebra-printed invitation a few weeks ago, complete with a blow-up panda type thing completely out of the blue.  Now you may have guessed that my current Jimmy Choo total stands at zero and I tend to purchase more everyday shoes due to my reliance on public transport and doing as much walking as possible.  That's not to say that one day I wouldn't want to wish for a more special pair, say for all the weddings I fear will be cropping up and numerous special occasions that warrant a less than chunky heel. Artist Rob Pruitt has added a playful dimension to some of the brands typical designs, adding contrast panda-adorned linings and dégradé insoles to reflect some of his work.  I can see Winnie liking this for the panda association and Lucy for the use of colour, but I'm rather partial to the graphic black and white elements used throughout.

Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo cake pops ombre rainbow
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo sprinkle wedge
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo multi coloured cocktails
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo heels
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo bag
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo devil panda crystal clutch
Rob Pruitt Jimmy Choo panda sushi

How cute is the panda sushi?  It's always nice to see something a bit unexpected from a brand and to learn about another corner of the art world.  See the rest of the collection here, watch the surreal animation and add items to your wishlist accordingly! 

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  1. Oh my goodness this is so cool!

  2. panda sushi!!?? Amazing!!!! :) hope your well honey! x

  3. How cute is this whole event! I love pandas! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH


  4. OMG. This whole event is very kawaii. I love all the colours and the mini panda onigiri!

  5. eeeeep! everything is so colourful and cute!!! The panda sushi are too cute to eat xxx

  6. I'm so jel.
    I love panda sushi really made me smile.
    Also, how cute are panda printed insoles...:D

  7. Love the panda sushi!

  8. Panda sushi needs to be in my life like yesterday. x