Saving Daylight

28 October 2012

View of Waterloo Bridge from Somerset House

Finally I've given in, I've put my 'Summer' clothes away and resigned myself to wearing last year's coat for another six months.  I'd been trying to wait as long as possible before digging it out, until Friday's chill got the better of me and the tweedy old friend was the only solution.  I've had a good few years of sensible coat buying now, so have a few trusty styles to see me through but naturally I gravitate towards a couple of favourites that always seem to work with what I wear.  Hopefully you won't be too bored of seeing this one over and over again and I can use some clever layering skills adopted by Nadia and Susie to keep things fresh. The weather has become even more grey and dreary than I thought possible but somehow I've braved the hair-ruining mist to catch as many hours of daylight as I can.  
Coat, ring - H&M
Sweatshirt - A.P.C
Corduroy Skirt - Asos
Tuk Creepers - c/o Spartoo Shoes

When I first started blogging, I wasn't really sure whether outfit posts would be my thing, preferring to crop my head out whilst balancing my bedraggled camera on a shelf and staring dead into the lens.  How times have changed.  Back then I would never have imagined myself prancing about on the terrace in front of confused passers by, all in the hopes of getting an interesting photo.  Everything I'm wearing (bar the tights) is from last year and it's somewhat comforting to know that the decisions I made then are still relevant for now.  I don't know why I didn't wear this corduroy skirt much last time around but I'm determined to make up for it now, as its the perfect weight for this season.  The creepers represent my love of flat shoes with a difference and the sheer Wolford tights were just about warm enough, but may soon need to be layered on top of a contrast pair.  How have you adjusted to dressing for the colder weather?

Tim Walker Story Teller Somerset House sponsored by Mulberry
Tim Walker Story Teller Somerset House
Tim Walker Story Teller Somerset House

"Sometimes when you're taking a picture an extraordinary sense of luck and chance takes over and propels you to make pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have imagined. This is the magic of photography." - Tim Walker

You've got to hand it to social media for spreading the word about things that are currently going on in London; I was inspired to visit the Tim Walker exhibition after reading Carrie's interview with the man himself.  I mainly know of his work through some of the stunningly surreal Mulberry campaigns, accepting larger-than-life props with ease before wondering how exactly did he manage to create the image and make things look so effortless.  I imagine it must be a challenge to vary the layout of a photography exhibition, so entwining some of his most iconic works with a few of the life sized props that he used certainly helped in setting it apart from the rest.  One of the most charming things was the way the quotes were dotted around the rooms, sometimes in swirly type, sometimes continuing around the corner, as if you've entered the dreamlike state of one of his photos.  You can inspect the props up close and marvel at their intricacies; the giant insects have hairs that must have been painstakingly applied to achieve the realistic effect and a skeleton looms over you as if about to attack.  If you want a breather from all the props, there are plenty of pure fashion portraits dotted around, my favourite being the Marc Jacobs balloon dress captured above.  Time for another book to go on the wishlist then...

wet rainy chairs outside Somerset House London
Fortunately the Tim Walker exhibition is on for a while, until the 27th January at Somerset House.  Are you planning to visit?  Entry is free and I'm sure I'll pop in again before it finishes as I'm slightly obsessed with the giant swan!

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  1. Oh i went yesterday and just fell in love with the exhibition, i don't know how you managed to take photographs in there as there was so many guards there, but then again i'm not very good at being sly haha! I managed to get all the photographs on the internet though so all good :) x

  2. Love this outfit! I'm almost glad it's winter, I prefer dressing for A/W rather than summer. The photos of you are great too, you looks gorgeous!
    Nina from little nomad

  3. Ahh I went to this yesterday and loved it! I don't know if you were allowed to take pictures but I wish I'd been a bit more sneaky with my camera :( That skirt is stunning, really brightens up your grey-day photos :) Sophie x

  4. I love these photos Kbel - the red skirt is fab. I can't wait to see the Tim Walker Exhib, hope to pop by on Wednesday :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit, that skirt is so lovely! I cannot wait to go to this exhibition, it looks brilliant!

  6. Love the coat!

  7. The Tim Walker exhibition is perfect. And I am now thinking of every which way I can to replicate the giant swan in my house!

  8. I've got plans to go to this exhibition with my mum in a couple of weeks - I can't wait! Did you need to book tickets or is it ok to just turn up?

  9. You look lovely, I adore the splash of colour with the red skirt!

    Maria xxx

  10. I love your skirt and necklace! :)
    Saadiya x