Saturday by the Seaside

21 October 2012

Carousel on Brighton Pier

I just couldn't stay away from the seafront for too long, even though I tend to equate Brighton visits with the Summer months.  Seeing as the weather in the U.K could hardly be classed as tropical and it can be very rare that any sunbathing happens, I think that it's an ideal place to visit when you need to give London a bit of a breather.  The journey for me involves no tubes or crazy crowds and the shops and amenities are a short walk from the station once you arrive.  Perfect!  I find that I always stick to the same areas when I visit, as time always seems to get the better of me and before I know it, I'm back on the train again hurtling towards the capital.  The main reason for our trip was to see the Biba exhibition I'd heard about a few months ago, but as always food and shopping had to be involved, seamlessly filling up a Saturday afternoon.

Carrie Wish Wish Wish & Dunya Deerest Deer
Brighton's Best Rock Shop
Brighton rock and candy
Ferris wheel on Brighton Beach
What Olivia Did and I on Brighton Pier

I may be technically a fully-fledged adult, but that didn't stop me from partaking in general silliness on the pier and wanting to take some candyfloss home.  My buddies for this trip were Carrie, Lucy, Olivia and Dunya and as expected, we were snapping away constantly and must have looked like some sort of over-enthusiastic photography club to others.  I missed out on one of those trademark kitschy pictures last time, so luckily Olivia accepted my 'proposal' to pull a few faces!

JB's American diner Brighton where to eat
50s diner Brighton
bloggers in a 50s diner
Surf n Turf at JB's American Diner
Restaurants in Brighton

I asked for recommendations of places to eat on Twitter but in the end we settled on this American style diner that Dunya has been to before.  Somewhat unassuming on the outside and chock-full of memorabilia on the inside, it certainly makes me want to take a road trip through America to experience the real thing. 

The Laines in Brighton
The last joke shop Brighton
JW Anderson Topshop zebra skirt
Stripe Wah nails peter pan collar
Vagabond Grace lace up heels with metal plate and blue tights
uk fashion blog

Jacket, Jumper & skirt - Topshop
Shirt - Vintage via Jazmine
Tights - Tabio
Shoes - c/o Zalando
Bag - Mulberry

I've been living in jumpers and skirts recently (surprise, surprise), as a bit of a lazy option for my figure but perfectly suited for meals such as the one above.  Apologies for the full on Topshop outfit though if it's any consolation, each piece is from a different year (2007, 2011 and 2012 respectively) proving that the store does wardrobe basics as well as more current items.  The zebra-print skirt was another one of my J.W Anderson for Topshop purchases and a refreshing take on the humble animal print, where you only realise what you can see at the last possible moment.  I first spotted these lace-up shoes at Bread and Butter back in January, and only realised when looking back through the archives that I now own both pairs in this photo.  I think they went on some sort of subconscious shopping list.  These Vagabond shoes from Zalando are an edgier take on the lace-up brogue with the addition of a metal plate and were bearable enough for a day's exploring, though I did feel a bit unstable on the pier.  Admittedly I think this was probably due to my own coordination rather than the construction of the shoes themselves...

Things to see in Brighton Pavillion

I can't wait to show you my photos from the exhibition once I've reflected on everything a bit more (see a few quick Instagram snaps here).  It's always interesting to see what people pick up on when they visit Brighton, and I hope to venture further afield (perfect examples are Mat & Yours Truly) whenever I next manage to pop down.  

How did you spend your weekend?  I need to get into the routine of having a productive, adventurous sort of day, sandwiched in between sorting out various aspects of my life and tackling the corners of my room that refuse to tidy themselves.  Until the next time!

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  1. Love this post K! I haven't been to Brighton in years, but you've just inspired me to take a trip as soon as spring arrives next year (as an Australian, it might be too depressing to go to the seaside when it's cold).

    Briony xx

  2. first off, thanks for the plug, i'm glad you enjoy my take on brighton. i have loads of photos but a lot of them are pretty dull and regular stuff. it's the little details and fun still i like to post. I'm glad you guys had a good time, it's not hard to in brighton though is it! i love it there. your shots of the prom are great, we were planning on going to that diner and further onto the pier but hollie was unwell on the only sunny day. i'll be doing a part 2 v.soon.

    we didn't do the biba ex but we did go into thee same building.

  3. Love all your photos, looks like such a fun day! I was in Brighton a few months ago for work and fell in love with it, especially the pier! Your shoes are gorgeous too.
    Lianne x

  4. Sounds like an amazing time hun. You look fabulous, also there is nothing wrong with skirts and jumpers...or my favourite dresses and jumpers :) I've never been to Brighton, must go xx

  5. Aw this looks like such a fab day - I have been reading Barbara Hulanicki's autobiography and I wish I could hop on a train to Brighton too! You guys look lovely and I LOVE your new shoes :)

  6. What a gorgeous post! I adore the pictures you got and I love what your wearing! I just today got some tights that are that color and I can't wait to wear them :D

  7. This looks like a LOT of fun, I desperately need to visit Brighton again!

    Maria xxx

  8. So gorgeous in every way!! How amazing this is. I love seeing what the seaside looks like out there compared to here. So much prettier there!!!

  9. Wow, I love those shoes, they look very vintage actually. The first picture makes me think about a Morcheeba's video !

    See U !

  10. Oh I love brighton! I have been there just 2 weekends ago!


  11. Glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you enjoyed the exhibition just as much. Jo xx

  12. Hi Kristabel,

    Loving this! Your photos looks superb - we'd really like you to add them to our LoveBrighton Flickr group:

    We're the official tourism board for Brighton & Hove - VisitBrighton - and we're logging and loving your review of Brighton :)

  13. woo hoo!

    Love the snaps Kbel - so lovely and colourful! And you managed to get a photo of all of us which I didn't even manage!
    SUch a good day! :D

  14. Love this outfit! Just out of interest, is this leather jacket still available from Topshop?

  15. Hi anon, no it's not, I bought it from there about 5 years ago! Maybe check ebay or see if the ever do a similar one?

  16. Thank you - will do!