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22 November 2012

Lulu Guinness Bags Cruise SS13 legs Too Many Shoes bag

Sometimes, I like a really clear direction.  I love a motif or pattern that I can recognise applied to something I wouldn't expect in an impressive way.  Lulu Guinness is the perfect example of such a brand and always creates concise collections I can never fail to be charmed by.  Thanks to my memory card, I have enough photos to give you a whistlestop tour of Spring/Summer 2013.  I've had some of these pictures on my computer since July (bad blogger) but always knew that I wanted to post them closer to the Cruise season (incidentally October) when they are available to buy or pop onto any Christmas lists.

Lulu Guinness Bags Cruise SS13
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13 dominoes
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13 envelope cases
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13 keyrings
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13 fruit
Lulu Guinness Cruise SS13 cat coin purse

This time, Lulu's love of vintage shoes provided perfect inspiration and even allowed her to create an ingenious shoebox bag complete with a barcode.  The decor and fruit platter in the penthouse suite (there's something I don't say often) managed to complement the colours of the collection perfectly, picking up on the neon accents and vivid pinks that were present.

Lulu Guinness SS13 bags with eyes
Lulu Guinness SS13 pink chain bags
Lulu Guinness SS13 telephone bag
Lulu Guinness SS13 Palm Tree bag
Lulu Guinness SS13 retro Cadillac keyring
Lulu Guinness SS13
Lulu Guinness SS13 flamingoes and cadillac

It's always slightly surreal viewing SS13 collections with such gruesome weather outside.  I do tend to find myself cheered up upon arrival, transporting my mind to one of those rare perfect Summer days where plans just seem to fit together and a pretty dress is all you need to wear.  Miami was the point of reference for the main collection, with just the right amount of understated kitsch to make even the most hardened fashionista smile.  The pastel colours and retro details conjured up a bygone era that I would have loved to have witnessed myself, but somehow had to imagine with the intricate embroidery of the 'Hotel Edith' tote replicated on a nearby wall.

Lulu Guinness SS13 lipstick bag

Which bag is your favourite?  It's easy to see how her designs become keepsake items and I'm crossing my fingers that I can make one of these my own.

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  1. Ooh these are all so incredible! I really love the lipstick charm *_*

  2. OMG I love them all as everything from Lulu Guinness! I wish so much to have something of this collection. For me Lulu's designs always reflects a vintage feeling but shown in a new and fresh way, mixed with a touch of humor and comical fun. That's just totally my thing! If I could choose one bag for me, I would go for the flamingo bag, because I am totally addicted to everything including this pretty pink birds. The bad is very sweet and makes me dream about a kitschy romance. Love, Sara xx

  3. I love Lulu Guinness stuff, the designs have their tongue firmly in their cheek!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love the last one. i've seen one, so pretty and funny, on Asos, but I can't afford it for the moment. Maybe at christmas, if it's still here, fingers crossed !

    See U !

  5. my favourite pattern is the first one :) but i like every îtem :)

    Lau' from

  6. Very clever designs, like the lil' dice purses. Thanks for sharing.