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26 November 2012

Levi's Made and Crafted chambray denim shirt peter pan rounded collar

It's just been one of those weeks.  Sometimes blogging and attending events whilst holding down a 'proper' job gets the better of me and although I've been wearing some nice things, there just isn't the time nor the means to capture them properly.  I remember that last year I'd brave the cold and fit in an outfit photo before work and subsequently miss my train.  No such luck this year, it's harder to separate my body from my bed and I leave getting ready until the last possible moment before throwing on as many random elements as possible.  There's not even much hope of a candid Instagram shot, as my mirror is extremely narrow and clearly shows the amount of washing I need to do in the background.  Woe is me.  As a contrast, I thought I'd share a few things I've bought recently to get myself through the chilly season.  I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter, aiming to get the best quality I can for the smallest amount of money and now I've fallen into the 'investment pieces' category when I shop.  I try and make a conscious effort to buy items that transcend trends and can work with the enless gloomy season we seem to have. 

Levi's Made and Crafted chambray denim shirt with rainbow thread
Levi's Made and Crafted chambray denim shirt with multi-coloured thread

I really love this Levi's Made and Crafted shirt and when I say really, I mean I'm obsessed. It looked unassuming enough online with a rounded collar and simple pocket but little did I know that it also had rainbow coloured flecks and stitching throughout. Yes rainbow! This slight detail would probably be lost within a typical outfit post and it really has to be seen up close to be appreciated.  I got this for around 60% off due to reductions and an extra code I found floating on the Atterley Road site.  It'll be perfect for dressing down patterned skirts and trousers, plus useful for teaming with jumpers for that trademark collared look.

Warehouse leather skater full pleat skirt
Warehouse leather skater skirt

I often compile wishlists such as this one from October as a starting point for a new season, but it's extremely unlikely that I will end up buying everything.  Things get tried on, my mind changes and sometimes I realise that things weren't meant to be.  This Warehouse leather skirt was not one of these items, I debated about buying it for ages until finally a Grazia code appeared and the skirt went in my basket for a less scary amount. 

Vagabond grace black patent heeled loafers office boy toy white canvas shoes

I probably don't need any more shoes for the next few years though somehow I couldn't let these patent Vagabond loafers go.  You probably won't remember them from my Bread and Butter post earlier this year and I didn't until I looked through my photos and realised why I must have been subconsciously drawn to them in the shop.  They're not my most comfortable Vagabond pair (note the lack of laces) and I do fear an awkward shoe-flying-off-my-foot moment during my daily commute, but as per usual I cannot resist a chunky heel.  They're like the school shoes I never had because my feet grew too large and will be perfect for jazzing up any festive outfits with their patent finish.  After seeing these white Office canvas heels on Lucy, then seeing the price drop to a mere tenner, I knew I had to channel Niotillfem and try these out.  These are probably my version of the smart/casual wedge trainers trend and again look like something I might have worn (if heels were allowed, or even practical) for the much dreaded school P.E lessons from back in the day.  Any bets on how long they'll stay pristine for?

Topshop high neck lace little black party dress

I'm not your typical party dress person.  I much prefer buying casual daytime clothes and adapting them for the evening with jewellery, sheer tights and a smile.  This dress probably shouldn't work on me, with its high neck and puritan styling but my trick for buying shapes that technically shouldn't suit is to just buy them in black.  The white version reminds me slightly of a dress Carrie has and I'm looking forward to eventually wearing it in summer with some Hasbeens and sunglasses.

Alphabet bags letter K, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M black upside down bag

Being a blogger, I probably didn't need any more tote bags but I'm a sucker for anything with my initial on.  Like the Kardashians, I too am fond of the humble 'K' and currently have earrings, an iPhone case, a necklace and bracelet sporting my favourite letter.  I've always loved the reverse colourway of the Alphabet Bags design and decided to treat myself to one along with a phone case after finding a discount code on A Beautiful Mess (it's expired now, sorry).  The Maison Martin Margiela for H&M purchase wasn't really a result of all the hype and more because of a fondness and curiosity for the design.  It's very cheeky that a lot of the stuff is now half price in stores and I'm glad I didn't buy bagfuls of the stuff like some people I sawThe collaboration was probably one of the most controversial, purely because Margiela himself was very secretive when he was at the helm of his company and probably wouldn't have taken kindly to people misinterpreting his designs when juxtaposed with £7.99 jumpers and the like.  Although I'm not averse to buying into brands in this way, in a way I'm glad that most of the clothes selected weren't quite for me and hope to come across one of his pieces by other means.  Autumn 2009 will do nicely, thank you very much.

Nails inc Models Own nail polishes, nail dotting tools, Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover

Enough of all the black in this post, I love to express myself through my nails and have finally given in and invested in some neon shades.  I went to a Nails Inc event last week to preview all of the SS13 colours and chose this coral 'Portobello' shade (as well as a few others I will be giving away very soon) to complete my existing brights collection.  Although the humble hairgrip has served me well, I invested in these dotting tools to make creating my default pattern even easier and to attempt the Yayoi Kusama design.  I'm probably the last person in the world to buy the Bourjois Magic nail polish remover, but I thought I'd finally give it a try after hearing rave reviews.  Despite the fact it doesn't take one second to take off my typical three coats of polish, it still saves on my cotton wool consumption and is a lot less fiddly.  I plan to keep topping it up with my rejected bottle of remover and hoping for the best.  The ring I've shoehorned into this image is from Monki, it's the only thing I've found that suits me recently, which is probably for my own good!

What's the best thing you've bought this season? 
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  1. I empathise- bloggin' & full time jobbin' is making me really tired right now too! Waking up is SUCH a mission.

    Love your buys, I'm in need of a leather skater skirt & chambray denim shirt too.

    Sophie x

  2. Yay you bought the Topshop dress! :) It is lovely! :)

  3. the picture taking process can be very time consuming. when i get back from work I just want to be lazy and in the morning I want to maximise my sleep time.

    love the leather skirt! i have had that one for ages now and i think wear it every week!

  4. I kinda want need all of these pieces! you have such impeccable style!

  5. That leather skirt is beautiful, can't wait to see how you style it!

    Maria xxx

  6. I need to get some money in my account!! I love the leather skirt :)