Red, White & Black

30 December 2012

street in kensington white posh houses

This is probably what I should have worn on Christmas Day, but alas the Santa onesie seemed much more appropriate.  Only joking!  That being said, it was nice to spruce myself up once more after a few too many days of lounging around and reacquainting myself with the Sims 3.  I'd almost forgotten what it was like to put concealer on.  I'm not the kind of girl who dresses up for a dinner indoors with immediate family, I like to keep my home as a place where I can look like the ultimate hobo if I want.  Who's with me?  Even though I was very tempted by these party dresses in the Orla Kiely sale, I can't see my home habits changing anytime soon, unless we end up relocating to a country pile in 2013.  

COS mock shirt white scallop edge collar
american apparel red cable jumper leather shorts
Mark Fast Faster Piano tights white office Canvas boy toy heels black alphabet bag
how to wear the colour red
Festive Christmas nail art initial phone case by alphabet bags

Leather shorts - Very
Ring - V&A shop

Did anyone else accidentally buy presents for themselves whilst Christmas shopping?  I went into COS with the best of intentions but somehow became distracted after finally seeing this collar in the flesh (you might remember it from my wishlist).  I'm a fully paid up member of the shirt-under-jumper club but this can be a combination too warm for my office, resulting in much discomfort for the sake of fashion.  Unlike the typical collar accessory, this has part of a shirt underneath and doesn't look like something you've just plonked on (not that I have anything against plonking, mind) to a vastly different neckline.  It's also a far more economical way of achieving the Petit Bateau x Carven look I was after.  Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of it in 2013.  When I first saw the Fast tights range by Mark Fast, I must admit I did a little happy dance inside.  I've been waiting for an affordable and flattering way of wearing his intricate designs for a while, so was pleased when Tights Please (geddit) got in touch.  Unfortunately I've created a few holes in these already due to their delicate construction, but that won't stop me wearing them until they fall apart.  They either make my legs look longer or like I've had a random encounter with a tyre, depending on how your mind works.

Entrance to the Victoria & Albert V&A museum
V&A Christmas tree decorations presents
Quirky Cards in the V&A shop
V&A Victoria and Albert Museum Hollywood Costume exhibition review Dorothy
V&a hollywood costume Dorothy's dress exhibit from Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

So I'm back at the V&A again!  I treated my Mum to a membership for her Christmas present and I'm sure she had a sneaky suspicion that I'd be borrowing it as well.  Instead of battling the sales in person (online is where it's at) we decided to escape the house for a bit of culture and to finally see the Hollywood Costume exhibition.  Thing is, a lot of people had the same idea as well, so it was somewhat frustrating to move around and attempt to read some of the captions.  Luckily we can pop back again before it finishes on the 27th January.  Typically I don't tend to watch videos at exhibitions, but of course this had to be a major part of the layout due to the subject matter.  There are plenty of interviews that you are encouraged to watch and gain a greater understanding of the effect a successful costume has.  You'll also start to consider how much work goes into something that is barely seen on screen for a second.

red telephone box in London

Surprisingly, this isn't my last post of the year, as I have one of those handy reflective recaps coming 'atcha tomorrow.  It's going to be a corker, I promise!

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  1. I love your outfit so much, I can't get enough of red, white and black. So chic, yet sort of quirky at the same time with your tights and typographical accessories. My name begins with a K too, I might have to 'invest' in that phone case... Lovely photos too, I adore the V&A- did you go and see the the Ballgowns exhibition? I did, it was incredible! xx

  2. Oh this is such a gorgeous outfit! X

  3. i love the 'K' accessories!
    have a happy new year, lets hope its a lucky 13! x

  4. I couldn't resist clicking through to your post after seeing that AMAZING scalloped collar on your Instagram! <3 Seriously, what a beauty!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  5. I love the collar! Definitely making a trip to COS asap! I too have spent a lot of time this holiday on the Sims 3, it's pretty awesome!

  6. The collar is so sweet. I love the rounded edges. It looks perfect with your red jumper!

    Happy New Year! xx

  7. The Petit Bateau x Carven collab is so dreamy, but also still so out of my budget! Love your take on it. COS wins again.

    Happy 2013 to you!

    Becky | x

  8. Love the outfit, especially the tights! I need to expand my collection of patterned tights, I always think they look great but I never buy any myself. Happy New Year xx

  9. That collar is lovely! I had no idea it was going to be a COS piece. I stocked up on T-shirts there on Boxing Day, it was a pretty good sale this year x

  10. Where's that ring from? I've seen it somewhere but can't remember - it's not real gold, is it? I hate rings that tarnish! ELL x