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16 December 2012

Portuguese custard cakes at Borough Market

Brrrrrrr!  I must admit that I've been guilty of a few weather moans this week, wishing Winter away and yearning for the non-existent summers that London has.  A friend kindly pointed out that a few months before I'd been complaining about the heat and how I missed wearing the jumpers and tights that were part of my style.  Typical.  Still, I've been making the most of the busy atmosphere before Christmas and revisiting a few places that I haven't seen in a while.  Complete with Olivia, Carrie and Lucy, we covered a lot of ground in the capital yesterday whilst stumbling across a few Santas along the way.  Maybe I'll join in next year?

What Olivia Did and Wish Wish Wish
Meringues at Borough Market
Cakes and pastries at Borough Market
Oysters at Borough Market
River Thames in London
Santa Con London people dressed as Santa

Borough Market was packed as expected but luckily had even more food places to choose from compared to my last visit, which prompted a minor dilemma in my head.  Whether to choose fresh pasta or a Parma ham ciabatta, Bratwurst or a falafel wrap (I went with the latter, which soon ended up making a mess on my clothes), it's a great place to satisfy every appetite at a reasonable lunchtime price.  After looking back at these pictures, I now wish that I hadn't so sensibly avoided any sweet treats. 

how to wear white tights
Dr Martens Amory
H&M coat black lace dress Mulberry Bayswater black forest soft matte
Charlie May leather studded cuff
Topshop High Neck Lace Dress Black
Me & Zena Saatchi Gallery paint heart necklace
uk fashion blog
Coat - H&M
Dress, tights - Topshop

This is the first online outing of my Topshop lace dress, mentioned in my epic shopping post from a little while ago and quickly becoming a firm favourite in the 'chuck-on-dress' category  Of course the Victorian-style buttons are a tad fiddly and depending on my mood I can either look decent or slightly dishevelled from the back if I'm not too careful.  Paula from Pinkbow also owns this in two colours, something I couldn't quite bring myself to do although if a slightly more scooped neck version came out in white, I'm sure I'd be tempted.  My smart shoes are another one of those considered purchases, first seen at the Dr Martens press day a little while ago.  I already know how comfortable these shoes can eventually be and the heel is a nice bonus, perfect for long days wandering across anything from cobbles to grass.

antique china in camden passage islington
Issy's Milky Way Camden Passage Islington 50s Milkshake parlour
Issy's Milk bar islington retro 50s
Some sneaky pictures taken in Milky Way, it was too cute a place not to Instagram!

A short bus ride away from the Southbank brought us to another part of town I hadn't seen in a while, Camden Passage.  It's a slightly scaled down version of the typical quirky areas you'll find in London, with just the right amount of crowds to not put you off visiting again.  I'm now regretting not picking up a vintage paisley brooch I spied at one of the stalls and hope to deck out my future home with any of the various collectibles you can buy in the many lifestyle stores.  A more dedicated visit here is definitely on the cards.

How are you spending the exciting time before Christmas?  As per usual I haven't started any shopping yet, relying on the Internet and a few after-work shopping trips.  Hopefully this last week will pan out nice and quickly!

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  1. beautiful photos! my favorite part of your outfit is your sock/dr martens, so great:)

  2. I love your white tights and glitter sock combo (I've been wearing glitter socks a lot lately too!!) and not to mention your pretty hair - I love it like that. Miss your face!!! xxx

  3. Ah you look gorgeous in this dress & love how different you have made it in your styling. The buttons at the back are a nightmare though aren't they.

  4. Mmm.. Portuguese custard tarts. Yum! Can't believe you managed to resist!

  5. I look so cheeky- but hey, have you SEEN your outfit snaps ;) queen babe.

  6. That's a beautiful beautiful dress, and I might just need to invest in some white tights!

    Emily Wears Things

  7. I love this dress on you and the shoes are fab!

    Maria xxx

  8. I love the colour combination of your outfit!

  9. This post has made me very hungry - and you look great!!

  10. those shoes are truly ace looking on you, i wouldn't say i'm usually into just whacking a heal on something but they work really well. i'm stressed, no time to do anything with juggling all my jobs. only day off this year is today and christmas day. mannnn

  11. The meringues look amazing and your style is fab :)
    Now you're making me drool all over the screen lol

    Lillian xo,

  12. What a fun outing, and that coat is lovely!