Winter Flowers

18 January 2013

Cacti in Columbia Road

So it seems that I can now tick Columbia Road off the list of Blogger Destinations to Visit.  This well known market for flowers is tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch High Street and I've somehow never stumbled across it before.  There's even a Rob Ryan shop which I didn't even know existed!   I suppose it's easily done as this place only really springs to life one day a week and I do tend to stick to the spots I know in East London.  Plus my day of rest is usually kept as just that and I'd almost forgotten how fun it feels to put the last part of the weekend to good use.  Apparently the day we chose to visit was 'quiet' even though I had to constantly dodge people, animals and flowers to get some of these shots of the surroundings.  Still, who doesn't like to look at and take pictures of flowers.  On such a dull January afternoon, they brightened up the landscape and made the numb fingers and toes worth it.

Yellow door Columbia Road
Places to see in London
Tulips on Columbia Road
Patterned sticky tape Columbia Road Jesse Chorley and Buddug shop
Rob Ryan plates Ryantown shop Columbia road
wall mosaic Columia Road School
Columbia Road flower market

It's nice to see an area full of thriving independent shops and I can't wait to venture back when it's a bit warmer to see them all properly.  This place looked extremely inviting from the outside and I'm pleased to find out that it's a collaboration between two creatives with complementary styles.  My head told me to have a coffee at Lilly Vanilli's café to keep myself warm but all my heart really wanted was a slice of Red Velvet cake.  Next time I won't be so sensible. 

The Royal Oak Columbia Road
Colchester Oysters at Columbia Road
Columbia Road street sign Shoreditch in London
tables and chairs
Roz from Clothes Cameras and Coffee blog
No Junk Mail sign on letterbox
doillie in a frame Jesse Chorley and Buddug shop
Jones Dairy Cafe
Dog on Columbia Road
First dog on the blog!  I don't usually like them but this one was too small to be scary...

Have you been to Columbia Road yet?  It's only a matter of time surely.  I'm saving my outfit photos for later as there was just so much I wanted to include about the day.  We even bumped into Roz and Dvora and spotted a few hardcore street style photographers, proving that the social media set was out in full force to document away.  It's interesting to see what details others pick up on when they go, please note Charlie, Kit and Shini's posts for the numerous ways to make flowers interesting.  Unfortunately I didn't buy any for myself this time around but I'm sure it's a foregone conclusion once Spring arrives and I'm wearing some sort of floral concoction.

Columbia Road sunflowers

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  1. I love Coloumbia Road flower market, I always go to Goldsmiths Row Book Fair afterwards and on the odd occasion pop into Lucky Chip which is just around the corner. Definitely a part of London I don't know very well at all

  2. All these photos look lovely. Looks like an indie Cindy's paradise!

  3. Don't worry - I did not know Columbia Road was there until this year seeing it on everyones blogs - and I lived in East London last year!

  4. Great pics - looks like you had fun on that Sunday, I loved seeing all your instagram pics. Totally adorable.

  5. I really really really must make sure I visit Columbia Road next time I'm in London, it looks lovely!

  6. i'm very much into these colourful posts Kristabel, somewhere i wish i was closer too

  7. All these photos are so beautiful! I love seeing all these flowers!

  8. Preciosas imágenes!!!

  9. haha!! Your blog comment did make me chuckle lady! I can't believe how much that code meant to you haha but I'd rather give you that than a kidney !!!
    Did you notice that my post had a dual dressing theme (you know how I like to rock 'something meets something'?! Knight meets sport luxe baby!!
    you woulda loved it :P
    AMAZING photos - I'm loving all the bright colour! Better get on and edit my photos pronto

  10. I love a good flower market! The flowers are so ridiculously well-priced and fresh-looking... I generally go a little crazy. Well worth it though.

    x Michelle |

  11. Sounds like you had a fun day, I love the pictures you took. The area looks really nice and I love the idea of a flower market! Not sure how my hayfever would deal with it though, haha.

  12. Gorgeous photos here, I didn't even know there was a Rob Ryan shop!

    Maria xxx

  13. What lovely snaps. I found your blog via Lucy's and I know it's going to become a fave!

    Xo Amie