The Breakfast Club

27 January 2013

Check nail art Monki deco ring

I remember feeling chilly when I took these photos by Columbia Road, little did I know that the temperatures were positively tropical in comparison to where I am now!  At the moment I'm with family in snow-covered Germany, but let's cast our minds back to a few Sundays ago when I traded laziness for a long-awaited trip to the legendary flower market  Carrie, Lucy, Olivia, Dunya and I risked looking like a photography club on tour once again, snapping everything from the pastel buildings to dogs on the street.  You'd be forgiven for thinking that I was in Notting Hill but this is East London through and through, with plenty of well-dressed hipster types and all of the usual trendy haunts nearby.

what to wear in winter cold weather
Mulberry Red Black Forest soft matte Bayswater Whistles make up bag
Proper Hot Chocolate sign on Columbia Road
uk fashion blog
cheap monday angle low suede ankle boot grey tights
A.P.C apc alpaca dolly coat mary katrantzou numbers t-shirt

Tights - Topshop
Boots - Cheap Monday
Ring - Monki

It's become a little tradition of mine to buy something from A.P.C whenever there's a sale on.  First it was a humble men's t-shirt, then six months later a sweatshirt and now I've finally graduated to a coat.  I had my eye on this retro number ever since the lookbook came out almost a year ago and made a mental note to pop in after Christmas to see if it had gone down.  Thanks to a combination of discounts and some monetary gifts, I was able to make this beauty more of a Hight Street price.  It's so nice to be able to wear a colour that lifts whatever I have on and it's beautifully soft due to being 100% alpaca.  I'll hopefully be showing you the rest of my sale finds soon, as I'm still in the process of acquiring some bits I like and stalking final reductions.  Even though I've had these Cheap Monday boots for a while, I've put off getting them fixed and finally got them mended after leaving it over a year.  Wearing them recently reminded me why I bought them in the first place, that angled heel!  You almost feel as if you're missing a vital part when you're walking but otherwise they're pretty comfy.

blue door on Columbia Road

uk fashion blog
Cake Hole cake shop Columbia Road
Lucy Shiny Thoughts What Olivia Did Wish Wish Wish Dearest Deer bloggers
breakfast club menus hoxton
floral lampshade in the breakfast club
Kate Spade initial animal ears fifi lapin iphone cases
Where to eat in Shoreditch
Places to eat in London

Of course with the title of this post, food had to be included somehow and we rewarded a few hours in the cold with a warm hearty meal at The Breakfast Club.  I debated and deliberated before deciding to order a whopper of a meal including much of the menu and every fried thing going.  The cosy sofas meant that we spent a good few hours chatting after eating and never felt rushed in the slightest, ideal for a lazy afternoon. 

I heart breakfast club red mug

How would you spend a perfect Sunday?

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  1. I really love your outfit and the photos. That picture of you and your friend's phone cases made me smile! Love the fifi lapin one!
    Katie xx

  2. that katrantzou tea is a beaut on you! x

  3. I love The Breakfast Club ;)
    Nice pics honey


  4. Can you believe the bacon is making me comment :O Looks delicous
    I love the coat & mint bag :D

  5. I sooooo want to go to the breakfast club, these pics look too cute. I am deffo visiting this place next time i'm in the area. also loving that fab ring

    Rianna xxx

  6. Ahh i absolutely adore your posts Kristabel! Looks like you and your friends had a good time! I hope you're having fun in Germany btw! Saw your photos on instagram!

    XOXO Sade

  7. That ring is so deco, so amazing! I know the photo club feeling. I try to embrace it :)

    new follower.

  8. That food looks so good, it's making my cornflakes breakfast feel pretty pathetic right now! Fried is always the way to go.

  9. OOh I was just at TBC over the weekend.. I love an american breakfast. I think I consumed like a whole cup of maple syrup that day. Mmmmm

  10. Such a fab outfit, that coat is divine!

    Maria xxx

  11. Looks like the perfect way to spend a Sunday. xx

  12. Your coat is beautiful :-) Your tights look so cosy too!

  13. Love that coat and SO perfect against those pastel doors! The food looks yummy and I love the little shot of everyone's iphones!

  14. ah the breakfast club, i remember this place from when i lived in near angel. problem was i never actually went in, the queue was always so long i never managed to stay in it. so you would recommend it then? your choice looks massive and awesome.

    nice to treat yourself to a bit of apc every now and again, seems like a good deal with the discounts and xmas monies.

  15. I've just discovered your blog and I like it a lot!! :)