Making January Happen

31 January 2013

The first month of the year is a bit of a strange one.  Without the excitement and anticipation of December, it seems inevitably bleak outside and Spring feels like an intense cross-country run away.  Despite this dragging feeling, I've still been going about my business as usual and pretending that the concept of January isn't an issue.  It's a fresh outlook and full of excitement for the months ahead as you start to roughly plot out the year.  Let's make 2013 the best one yet and let me know of any plans and aims you have!

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Buying British - Print clash wallpaper in Frankfurt - Prada delights
I want to borrow this coat! - Finally invested in this tome - My new bag for Spring, hurry up!
One day an Orla Kiely purchase will happen - These illustrations by Joidi Labanda remind me of my mother


Columbia Road flowers en masse - A Bigger Splash at the Tate is worth seeing, this room is very different to the rest of the exhibition
Gloomy Hyde Park - Diet Coke is 30 years old, a bit like the older sister I never had - I'm a little bit obsessed with the songs in this film (24601)
Granny squares - Trying to get organised - A riverside view
Art made from Polaroids - A rare sibling day out in London - My post office sells the most random things
My view from the air - Kitsch heaven in Blutsgeschwister - Snow in Germany seems like a bit of a fairytale

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Making the most of a 40% off deal - Pancakes! - My cake speaks German
A lone lunch at Vapiano - Korean fried chicken wings at Wishbone
A goodbye feast at Byron - Passing the time at the airport - The Breakfast Club at 3pm

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Planning my outfit - Check out my nails - Making the most of my new scarf in the snow, learn how to knit one here!
Glittery nails - Waiting for transport, yet again - Getting my COS collar cost per wear right down
Wearing my Antipodium dress in Sketch - More glitter, I'm obsessed!

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The font change is a hint of my new design, I'm so excited to share it with you!  Follow my Instagram @fashionknitsta to see a constant feed of nails, meals and my feet, it's a right barrel of laughs!

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  1. Love as always!

    Where abouts is the polaroid wall? I'm in London for the day on Saturday and that looks cool. Also - please let me know if you have any other tips of things to do xx

  2. Love this post :D I like how you have categorised your images and made little collages to go with them :D great idea! xx

  3. It does look like you got a lot done in January (contrary to me) - even some travelling! Your sibling pictures are so cute, haha. Your new spring bag is gorgeous, but I'm so careless I wouldn't dare use a white bag!

  4. Oh I reconise Vapiano in the food area!! Love that place!!


  5. Lovely post! X

  6. Elizabeth's feed makes me SUPER HOMESICK for HK. Sob! Love the January round up - as if it's over already!

  7. OH, I love how you broke this down. I did an insty collage today too but it is topically jumbled. Great idea. Loving Grace Coddington and Cambridge Satchel too.

  8. That Orla Kiely dress is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  9. That's a really cute photo collection.
    Very nice blog :)

  10. Pleaseeee, would you tell me where do you buy the blanket (in the 7 pictures in the second group of images)

    Thanks a lot!!

    kisses from Sain!!!

  11. Love the photo of you with your siblings! I love your instagram posts, always so much colour and pattern... xx