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16 January 2013

When it comes to reading blogs, I'm definitely addicted.  We all know I frequent Style Bubble on a daily basis, peruse Park & Cube's photography and that friends blogs are a given but what else is on my reading list?  My taste is so varied it surprises me sometimes.  I enjoy the more whimsical blogs with collars, ankle socks and dresses from another era but also envy the considered, directional purchases from the likes of Charlie May and FrouFrouu.  I don't just like to have my cake and eat it, but also devour and polish it off.   I can't say that I have a favourite blog, as it would be like picking your favourite child, say if you had about 300 of them.  Instead I have groups of various reads that I relate to at any particular time.  My head is like a smorgasbord of conflicting imagery and these blogs tap into what my head is thinking and inspire me to try out a new combination or see something in an abstract way.  You probably know some of them already and l hope to update you from time to time when I feel that the clusters are a changing.

color me nana top fashion blog
Natalie off Duty top fashion blog

I think a combination of following this sister duo on Instagram and devouring each post when it pops up has led to a major bout of wardrobe envy.  These are girls after my own heart with practical, everyday style and plenty of layering ideas for all year round.  Some of their looks may be a little too boho for my taste, but there are always a few details I can interpret in my own way and I've gained a new found appreciation for all things paisley and a little bit 70s.  Their posts also make me nostalgic for America, how has it been two years since my last visit?  Time is going far too quickly for my own liking.

Columbine Smille freshnet best fashion blogs to read

I only discovered this blog a few months ago but I quickly became hooked.  Not only do we have similar or even the same items (hello H&M coat) but also a love of mixing high and low end items (or in my case low and low).   I even tried on her much worn Mango coat but unfortunately didn't suit its oversized nature.  The posts are short, sharp bursts of inspiration and a snapshot into the busy yet exciting life of a stylist.  Also check out Emma Elwin for similar life envy.

vanilla scented fashion blog

You may not look at me and think minimalism but rest assured, I do occasionally like to let the subtle details do the talking.  Vanillascented is home to all things stark and Scandinavian and has inspired me to invest in some well-designed basics.  Maria is also a talented designer studying in New York and I'm sure we'll be seeing even more exciting things from her in the future.  See also Love Aesthetics for clean layouts and new twists on traditional ideas.

a beautiful mess best fashion food hair lifestyle blogs to read

I think I was first introduced to this blog through one of Harriet's Sunday links posts and started reading more frequently in the last year.  There are plenty of useful posts on healthy eating, hairstyles and photography and I'm finding such topics increasingly relevant as I consider ways to improve myself and my surroundings.  I downloaded their Blog Design Love course a little while ago, which gave me a lot of food for thought so hopefully you'll see the results on here soon!  Also check out Rock N Roll Bride, I know I'm not getting married anytime soon, but there's still lots to learn about photography plus some useful general blogging advice.

patternity colour inspiration pattern blog

If you like a random pattern to start your day, then this is the site for you.  The pictures mainly do the talking, so you'll have to investigate further if you want to know more of the who, what, why, when and how.  It's all part of a wider trend forecasting company that probably has more influence on the industry than you think and even produces its own range of geometric tights.  I'm sold.  These images are a great starting point for any projects you may start and at the moment I'm drawn to anything marbled or holographic.

Helen Glory fashion DIY blog

This blog has been under the radar for quite a while and I'm not quite sure why.  Two friends have teamed up to create a space providing clear and concise snapshots of their creative lives.  Effortlessly cool, there's a mixture of DIYs and bargain purchased items. There is a sort of structure in place, but nothing is ever predictable, with a weekly 'Happy Friday' post highlighting one of lifes details.  See also Discotheque Confusion for a unique point of view, inspired by film, architecture and icons from bygone eras.

To coincide with this post I've recently updated my links page and you also can see who I'm following on Bloglovin.  It's definitely a mixed bag!  Is your blogging reading list is as varied as mine? 

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  1. Kristabel, this is an awesome round-up! Must have been living under a rock as a few of these were completely new. I liked the 300 children analogy too, haha! Although I'd say it's more like 10 these days, as very few blogs now consistently 'wow' me!

    Also it just occurred to me that I may have completely by accident missed you off my links sidebar, gonna update it now x

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, going to check out those blogs now. I already love ABM!
    Katie xx

  3. The amount of blogs that I follow/check in on every day is slightly obnoxious as well.
    xo, Maria

  4. a couple of these blogs are new to thanks for sharing! can't wait to check them out :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out but you forgot to squeeze me onto your links page! :D I absolutely love Helen and Glory, and Vanilla Scented. And are colour me nana and natalie off duty really sisters? :O

  6. Wishbone's sounds good, my kind of place i reckon. nice spicy wings. i've never been to brixton before but i hear it's the place to be these days. docs wearing in nicely there

  7. Oh these look like gorgeous and inspiring blogs, guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of the night! X

  8. I'm so glad you found something good through my lazy sunday links post! Thanks so much for sharing your other loves as well, I'm definitely diving into all of those straight away!

  9. Perfect timing with this post as I have been refreshing my blogroll!

  10. great list -

  11. I really really love Vanilla Scented too !

    See U !

  12. THANK YOU so much for the great blog reccomendations! :)


  13. Thanks for this, Park & Cube is such a cool blog, thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the Suarez sisters!

    xo Jennifer

  15. Thanks so much for including us! Very kind words. Great to see the other recommendations too!

    Claudia Helen x