From Brixton to Blackfriars

7 January 2013

So the decorations are down, the trains are back to normal (ish) and the mince pies are but a distant memory.  Without the cushion of Christmas and New Year, 2013 and beyond seems like an unknown reality.  I've indulged in some copious amounts of procrastination over the holidays and although pleasant at the time, I'm hoping that I can manage things better from now on and eradicate my list.  It includes a few gems such as 'start/finish tax return' and 'keep going to Zumba.'  I love the fresh outlook a new year provides and after putting together my recap, I'm looking forward to lighter evenings, more bearable temperatures and bringing out my sandals again.  There may be a little wait, but that's how you end up appreciating it more.  What's your outlook for this year?

Models Own Freak out glitter nail polish with pac man bracelet
levis made and crafted Denim shirt and grey weekday pleated skirt
wishbone necklace marc by marc jacobs
levis made and crafted Denim shirt and grey weekday pleated skirt
Dr Martens with polka dot socks and Wolford tights

Leather jacket, socks - Topshop
Skirt, ring - Weekday
Smart Shoes -  c/o Spartoo shoes

The first outfit of this year is a tried and tested formula with a few accidental schoolgirl elements but what I wanted to wear nonetheless.  These were snapped quickly before the light disappeared, I honestly feel like Cinderella sometimes with these sunset deadlines.  Bring on Spring!  These tights were one of my first sale purchases, a Wolford style that I'd been admiring for several months before finding them at 75% off in Harrods.  I liked them so much I bought them twice!  I'm not sure if many people understand my rationale for buying tights (my sister is one of them) but for me adorned legs are just another way to express myself.  I like to have some interest within each piece I wear, whether it's a shirt with rainbow thread detail or a skirt with clean pleats.  Teamed with my trusty Dr Martens, polka dot socks and failsafe bag, this seemed like the perfect antidote to all of the festive garb I was wearing last week.

signs in Brixton
african fabrics in Brixton
Brixton market london
wishbone korean fried chicken brixton review
where to eat in Brixton

Brixton has always been the sort of place I'd pass through but never spend much time in until fairly recently.  With all the independent restaurants opening up in the market, I was bound to be making it more of a regular destination and I'm glad the buzz that befalls many places above the river is finally migrating down south.  It's a town full of the vibrancy London is famous for and may be a little rough around the edges, but an important place to experience if you want to see the bigger picture within the capital.  Wishbone has had a lot of buzz recently and it's certainly well deserved.  With tangy wings taking me back to my days spent in New York and prices that are pretty much comparable,  I was in my element.  We even saw Florence Welch within the vicinity after our meal, confirming that this bustling market with everything from vintage to vegetables was the place to be.  The fact I was wearing my namesake necklace is purely incidental.

William Klein & Daido Moriyama Tate Modern photography exhibition
tate modern exhibitions in London
tate modern exhibitions a bigger splash
southwark bridge london at night

Afterwards, I made a trip to the Tate Modern for a bit of an exhibition extravaganza, an afternoon far more productive that all the pinning and New Girl watching I would have done back at home.  Mainly photography based, William Klein + Daido Moriyama indulged my love for the old typography used in the 60s and snaps taken of everyday people caught unawares.  Naturally I'm always looking at what was worn, but also the different sorts of attitudes towards the camera (there were kids posing with guns in a playful way, free of the meaning it has today).  A personal favourite had to be this piece, a scene made entirely of Polaroid pictures, which made me nostalgic for the instant and unexpected nature of the cameras.  I wish I'd bought one when they were easily available instead of putting it off.  Maybe it's time to look for some alternatives?

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  1. That Pacman bracelet is AMAZING!

    I remember studying those Polaroid collages at college, good times :)

    Becky | x

  2. I have those socks! And a skirt similar to that. I like how you layered the socks and tights... Perfect for winter days. Great photographs!
    Katie xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Those tights are beautiful :) x

  4. Your style is impeccable, I'm loving the jewellery and shoes x

  5. Love the DMs and socks combo, and your necklace. I always go through Brixton on the train, but I'm yet to get off and explore... xx

  6. I adore the outfit, I have a fascination with buying socks. Those wings look divine and your afternoon sounds delightful xxx

  7. Cute outfit, love the shoes :)

    Hamida x

  8. I love everything in your post! I'm so jealous of your bag, Doc Martens, and your pacman bracelet <3

    xx Lillian

  9. Love this outfit, that exhibition sounds great, I still have my Polaroid camera somewhere, I'll have to dig it out!

    Maria xxx

  10. such a nice and simple outfit and oh god I love your double finger ring a lot - super quirky and chic!


  11. And the food looks so awesome! :)

  12. Klein and Moriyama was a fantastic exhibition, I loved exploring that one. Moriyama is fascinating because he just uses a normal compact and switches the images to b&w - what a guy!

    Also loved the video where Klein explained how he chose all his shots, I probably watched like 20mins of that film before I had to tear myself away.

    PS- Your pac man bracelet is awesome.

  13. I love how your outfit posts are always so much more than just that, with wonderful photographs of the place you wore your outfit in. And your jewellery choices are always impeccable Kristabel!

  14. Such an effortless look!

    My latest post ** 10 Facts About Fashion Bloggers **

    Lots of love, Mags