Why Do I Go To Fashion Week?

22 September 2013

Time for a little break from all of my delayed show coverage, which I've swapped out for some outfits and musings.  All of the usual debate over London Fashion Week and the new BFC Blogger Panel stirred a few thoughts I've been having for a while to the surface.  Why exactly do I go to Fashion Week?  It's a good question, you see.  I never started a blog in order to saunter around the cobbles at Somerset House, it was more of a happy accident.  I was blissfully unaware about the whole system until about a week before the start in 2009, when my newly found blogger friend Reena explained that I could get a press pass by attaching a letter about myself, from myself and attaching a few links to relevant posts.  As a third year fashion student who'd done work experience at the shows the previous seasons, it was an unmissable opportunity.  Sure I had no idea how to take a picture of a moving model, nor any business cards to my name, but the enthusiasm was all there.  With each season I attended, I started to gain an idea of how the industry worked and the way designers continued to develop.  I learnt some camera skills, got acquainted with Moo and gradually realised how best to structure my posts about something that had already been covered umpteen times before.

What to wear for rainy London Fashion Week
Radley holloway backpack
how to wear printed Nadinoo Anthropologie Trousers
Dr Martens heeled boots glitter socks
Urban Outfitters longline blazer
Not a posed photo, I'm on the phone to Kim!
T-shirt - Weekday
Trousers - Nadinoo for Anthropologie
Shoes - Dr Martens
Rucksack - c/o Radley
Hair - Sorted out by Toni & Guy

I'm in a weird position of being an outsider in some ways and an insider in others.  My work has been in a graduate show, I understand how the design process works and hope to figure out this side of my career pretty soon.  However I'm still a blogger, in limbo between journalist and random enthusiast on the street, able to go to exciting events all year round but reduced to feeling like a toddler twice a year.  By no means do I think I'm automatically entitled to go and each exciting invite brings about a mental 'Yay' even though I realise that I may not get to attend that show the following season.  You might get better pictures in Vogue and my coverage may not be your cup of tea but I'd be forever kicking myself if I didn't make the most of being able to catch some of the action and post the results accordingly. 

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Textured Contrast Collar Coat
Ashish London Fashion Week Wristband ticket
Urban Outfitters Cooperative Textured Contrast Collar Coat
Somerset House London
Vagabond Grace boots

Cat Jumper - Opening Ceremony
Make-up - Sorted out by MAC

I know my fashion week posts are not necessarily the most popular (this circle scarf tutorial is still what drives many of you here) but I like to have a balance of the things I'm passionate about and the shoes I'm wearing.  Undeterred, I still post the pictures because I like to share my perspective of the fashion show experience (Jen's a fan too) and to have a little memory of it on here.  Sometimes I look back in amazement at some of the spectacles I've managed to attend and pat myself on the back for managing to commit to such an intense hobby for so long.  Although the seasons are fleeting, I love filtering through the shows and finding a mixture of the well-designed and flattering, plus the creations that are moving trends forward. 

how to wear winter pastels
holographic miista zoe shoes
A.P.C cream dolly coat pink nails
A.P.C alpaca coat mint jumper
Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang lip gloss

Coat - A.P.C
Jumper - c/o Nelly
Collar - COS
Miista Shoes - c/o Spartoo
Hair - Sorted out by the Glam Suite

So do you want to go to fashion week?  By all means go for it. If you have an interest in emerging trends or if there's designer you're obsessed about and you can demonstrate it, then fine.  If you're not sure if its for you and you'd rather write about a local boutique you've discovered or something interesting you've made, then that's fine too.  Don't feel you have to go because everyone else is and you're experiencing a major case of FOMO. We fashion bloggers are a versatile bunch and we all experience our craft in our own individual ways.  We're not all out to be peacocks, we're not robots and if you think about it, if many of the people criticising were starting out today, then they'd probably have blogs too.  I'm sure there'll be a time when I'll think 'enough is enough' and I'll look back on all of these memories fondly (somehow ending up on the front row of Ashish is one of them).  Until then, I'm happy to keep making the most of everything and fighting for each ticket.

If you've found my blog as a result of the Evening Standard Power 1000 feature or the Refinery 29 article, then Hi!  Might be best to head here first to see what I'm about, apologies if my true age disappoints!



  1. Love this post (disappointed it wasn't a Rihanna lyric however Ha)...
    Hello? ...Kim?.. is that you? .. My first blog feature :)

  2. Loved reading this post. I agree with basically everything you say haha

    Love, When You Dream Big x

  3. Wow! I love your blog!!! You are sooo stylish and your pictures are so colourful!!! I love it!

  4. Great post xx


  5. Love this post.

    I absolutely love hearing other people's perspective on what it's like to attend fashion week and why they go. So many interesting links out in this post... I've got to read back through now and click on them all!

    p.s. adore ALL of your outfits! xx

  6. Ah this is a brilliantly written post and I always think you come from an interesting perspective with your design background. I love LFW - but at the same time I certainly don't mind missing a season every now and then. I just don't see it as a necessity for my blog any more. Anyway, love your outfits - so obsessed with that UO coat and Open Ceremony jumper!

  7. I have never been to LFW, it just all seems so overwhelming but i love hearing all about it from posts, especially yours, as they offer context and commentary, not just pretty pictures!

    Maria xxx

  8. Great post. I guess a lot of fashion bloggers might get FOMO. Love all of your outfits, just gorgeous x