Attempts At Being Ladylike

17 January 2014

Topshop moto denim midi skirt
Kenzo K Intarsia sweater & Lulu Guinness Paula bag
what shoukd I wear to london fashion week
Office Leader of The pack heeled burgundy loafers

Coat - Vintage via Oxfam

So this is what I wore for my sole day at LC:M in a neat little post, as it didn't seem quite right to shoehorn this outfit in with all that menswear.  I ended up going for more of a 'ladylike' look than I'd intended, thanks to the classic Lulu Guinness bag and slightly retro silhouette.  Usually if you have something sitting in your wardrobe for a while, then it's probably a sign that it needs to be elsewhere. Rational thoughts aside, something kept me from saying goodbye to the Winter coat I bought last June during my trip to the Oxfam warehouse.  Although it seemed like a major find at the time, the slightly bulky shoulders made me think twice about wearing it and because I've been wearing so much tartan at the moment, I thought it may have been a clash too far.  I was deliberating for ages until I decided to yank out the hefty shoulder pads, never to be seen again.  The checked coat was the quieter of the AW13 outerwear trends last Autumn, the sibling to the more gregarious pink number and something I preferred a little more.  As I said when I bought it, I got major Chloe AW12 vibes and it's always nice to own something unique that has a bit of a story behind it.  Moving onto this year's purchases, this skirt is proving to be one of my favourites so far.  I'm always after skirts that are a true A-Line style, not the kind that looks full on the hanger and clingy in the hip area. This fits the bill well and the fact that it's denim makes it a nice casual option.

how to wear a check coat

Due to an influx of notebooks, I'm brainstorming some ideas for this year and as IWTYK is so close to my heart, it would be really interesting to get an outside perspective on what you'd like to see.  Whether it's knitting, London-related or me doing my usual prancing around random streets, I'd love to know! 


  1. Love this look - so chic but still fits in with your style!
    I'd love for you to do a kind of knitting 'how to' guide - as much as a try I always seem to fail…
    Yours aye, Daisy xo

  2. You nailed it, I love your LADY LIKE as the rest of your style. Following you on bloglovin. Please feel free to visit my blog , I will be sooooooo happy!!!!

  3. I love your skirt and shoes! And to be honest I'd just like to see more posts on the type of things you do now. I always love your OOTDs, and I adored your travel photos from 2013 (although naturally I don't expect you to go on such an exotic holiday again just for my benefit)! Maybe something about your favourite places in London would be fun? Your blog is always a pleasure to read :)

  4. That coat is such a great find! I always love the oversized look for a coat :)
    Love how you combined it too!

    xoxo Iris

  5. ooooh very lady like indeed! Love the outfit !

    Emmie xx

  6. Prancing around the street works for me but I say we should try work on something together you know, bringing another type of post all together. I'm not sure what but I think it would be really cool. You in?

    Buckets & Spades

  7. stunning!!! i love this look from head to toe. :-)

  8. I really love this outfit, it's ladylike but the denim gives it a bit of an edge!

    Maria xxx

  9. Love all the mixes of retro and modern.

  10. This is lovely, the colours go so well together! I think you would look great in some of our vintage jumpers
    Becky x