North VS South

19 January 2014

winter outfit ideas

So after extolling the virtues of South London, I've now nipped up North to see how the other half live.  I guess I like both bits of the capital for different reasons, where I live is pretty much undiscovered and I could walk to the Post Office in a onesie with no retribution if I wanted, as the apparent 'Shoreditchification' hasn't really kicked in.  There may be no Underground lines, but who needs trains every 3 minutes anyway, I'd much rather have guaranteed signal and closer proximity to Brighton (I jest).  Each time my train pulls into a mainline station, it feels like a real occasion and the views of the River Thames remind me that I'm here for some sort of purpose.  North London is always a bit of an adventure, it's interesting to see the familiar areas merge into the unknown and observe a bit of a parallel universe, albeit with higher house prices and the odd celeb living nearby.  Last week I trekked up to Carrie's hood, along with Lucy, Dunya and Olivia for a good old real-life catch-up and as per usual burgers and breakfast were involved.  Plus wigs.

best parks in London
winter outfit ideas
blue tartan tights
how to wear a drop waist dress
styling a Nike rose gold fuelband

Coat - A.P.C
Tights - Pressie from Liv
Shoes - Vagabond

Have you realised that I've posted three outfits involving checks in a row?  I think that this pattern is clearly taking over my life.  Even though I hated wearing a kilt during my secondary school days (it would fly open whenever I wanted to run for a bus) I now seem to have regressed the memory and own at least four items in the exact same colouration.  Liv knows me pretty well and treated me to these tights as part of my Secret Santa pressie, perfecting for channelling (and reminiscing) over that Gossip Girl look.  I'm also rather fond of my new Nike Fuelband, it's as if they read my mind and created it in rose-gold just for me.  Even though my exercise regime has waned somewhat, it serves as a useful pedometer and proves that all of my running for various forms of public transport does amount to something.  I do have a few fitness-y goals for the year, not really resolutions but more of a long-term thing, hence me starting them in February (this is not due to me being lazy in any way).  If I start to look like Jessica Ennis during the Summer months, then you'll know I've kept them up!

Visiting Parliament Hill Hampstead Heath London
Visiting Parliament Hill London
Kalendar brunch in Parliament Hill
Late lunch at Kalendar

The Sunday Morning Walk is indeed a 'thing' for many people, if the crowds of people at Parliament Hill are anything to go by, it was heaving!  I definitely don't do enough walking around aimlessly, mainly because of this reason but also because I'm always rushing around trying to get to the next place, take a picture of this and worrying about such and such.  It was nice to just switch off for a bit and enjoy some of the amazing parkland that London has, plus amazing views of everything else.

This is my last post with the braids for now, I'll miss them but it's time to move on!


  1. Great post and photos ! :)
    Please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  2. Your posts are always so interesting! And your hosiery collection must be incredible! LoL.

    Courtney from Two Looks, One London | A Beauty & Fashion Blog .x.

  3. Love the outfit. The tights are so great and add such an element of interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Very intrigued by this Nike band. I've got a Fitbit which my mom sent me. I've been wearing it for less than a week and have discovered that unless I go for a run I rack up hardly any steps at all. It's pretty shocking. But then again moving between the couch and the kitchen clearly doesn't take very much effort.


  4. I wish I had time to discover more of London, it's so big! A day just isn't enough. Love the outfit, you do pattern so well x

  5. adore your tights so much, and your shoes are just incredible! x

  6. You're making me want to put my coat on and getting exploring. I do miss working in the big smoke!

  7. This is such a lovely outfit. I love your tights and shoes and your necklace is beautiful!
    As someone who's not a Londoner I really struggle to pick my favourite part of the capital. There are the trusty few places I visit every time I'm in London but I love discovering new places on my visits.
    Jodie x

  8. it's nice to slow down and take things in, something I'm guilty of not spending enough time doing. Why are we always in a rush?

    Buckets & Spades

  9. When I lived in Kentish Town, I always went for a Sunday stoll to parliament hill. It's amazing in the summer. Cool tights btw.

  10. Hahaha about Shoreditch! so true! I've lived in Hackney my entire life and seen it turn from 'le ghetto' into the cool-kid's haven. The gentrification is crazy but on the plus side people don't turn their noses up at me when I say where I'm from. Anyhoo, I love how much you focus on London in your blog. It's awesome

    -Aida x

  11. Love how quiet this part of London looks! My 'mother-in-law' is moving to London soon so I'm sure I'll be exploring loads of the city. Would definitely take your blog as my guide :) Also I absolutely love your tights and shoes!!

    xoxo Iris

  12. Fabulous outfit! I love those tights on you and how you styled them!