Festival Ready!

6 July 2014

what to wear at a festival

Everyone is going festival crazy at the moment.  There are countless guides on what to wear, a defined sort of 'look' (with various amounts of butt cheek on show) and a certain sort of stamina that you need to survive the loud music, whiffy toilets and random bouts of rain.  I think I've cracked my kind of experience thanks to Debenhams and Gather.ly, somehow I got to hang out in the VIP section at Wireless on Friday.  Before you get all excited and think I've joined the D-list, it's more of a mixture of press, people in the industry and various brands who've bought packages.  It seemed like more of a day lounging in the park with the odd bit of music in a special section by the front of the stage.  There was no worries about getting through the crowds or losing friends (though I did still end up finding something strange stuck in my shoe) and it was great to have a bit of a sing-a-long and let off some steam.  This selfie with Jourdan Dunn was the icing on the cake!

VIP Nation Circus area at Wireless festival 2014
H by Henry Holland Debenhams floral 90s red dress
Tatty Devine seahorse necklace
festival outfit ideas
Vagabond Dioon Black Leather Heeled Shoes

Dress, Bag - c/o H by Henry Holland
Necklace - Tatty Devine 
Shoes - c/o Vagabond
Sunglasses - ASOS

I got to choose a few bits from the H by Henry Holland collection to wear, so I immediately went for this striking red dress.  Within my wardrobe I like to have all bases covered, sometimes a few times over.  I seem to have stocked up on black dresses and blue-based prints but forgotten the colour red entirely.  It's so unashamedly summery and this style is the kind of thing you hope to find in a vintage shop for next to nothing.  After learning how to tie headscarves a while ago, I've finally started to follow some of the tips for when my hair needs taming and this Cleo Ferin Mercury design worked perfectly.  I think I feel another obsession coming on...
Wireless festival 2014
VIP Nation Circus area at Wireless festival 2014
VIP Nation Circus area at Wireless festival 2014
Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora at Wireless 2014
Wireless festival street style 2014
Pharrell Williams at Wireless Festival 2014
Jourdan Dunn at Wireless Festival 2014

Have you got any festivals planned for this year?  It was bizarre to witness Kanye West's rant but I wouldn't have expected things to be straightforward.  This post is a wee bit late because I've been in the garden centre today, how very rock n' roll!



  1. great pic's!


  2. What an amazing backdrop for your photos! It looks like twister!
    I met you with liv & gemma at the Burts Bees event & totally didn't realise I was following your blog! So "hello"


  3. I was lucky enough to attend a festival as a VIP last year and it sure did make the camping side of it better! Love the pics against the Twister wall.

  4. so cool that you met jourdan dunn! what an awesome experience :)
    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  5. What a fantastic event! And I simply adore your sweet look - the dress is utterly charming! x

  6. Oh wow sounds like a fab day out! Lucky you!

  7. Ahh Wireless! I went last year and had an amazing time! Very jealous that you got to go this year, you look amazing too! xx


  8. Check you meeting Jourdan Dunn! I love your dress, and I'm glad you had a fun time xx


  9. Loved seeing these photos - that dress is so pretty. I always see Henry Holland stuff in Debs and I don't really think to check him out. That dress is perfect against the cool Twister wall! Still obsessed with that photo of you and Miss Dunn!

  10. Gorgeous pics Kristabel. Gotta love JD! x

  11. What a gorgeous outfit and a fab day out!


  12. Love the colour red on you Kirstabel!! Wireless was right next door to my flat in FP but instead I found myself at Love Supreme in Brighton instead this weekend, which was a much more low key affair and judging by the photos, a lot less sunny! hehe! Glad you had fun xx