Ways To Make A Rented Room Look Decent

9 July 2014

Look at me getting all domesticated!  Ever since I moved out, my priorities have changed.  I now want to create a space to match my personality, expressing myself through my possessions and the way they're displayed.  Not only do I want to make my room decent but I also want to try and leave my stamp on the communal areas as well (luckily I live with Lucy and others who are up for the challenge).  Even though I've taken a few notes from the Bright Bazaar book, technically my room is a bit of a hub, part bedroom, living room and work space.  I have so many ideas and things I like, but need to establish clear zones and work with the space I have.  I don't want the constant bits of clutter hanging around like in most of the places I've lived in.  The colour scheme will be pretty broad, I think I'm going to keep most things neutral with eclectic pops of colour and just hope that it works.  I can instinctively put outfits together so hopefully my room is just more of the same?

how to make a rented room look interesting

I'll probably pick up bits from all the main haunts, like Urban Outfitters, Ikea and good old M&S.  Most bits will be cheap and cheerful but I'll try and get a little creative, scouring any sales and hoarding vouchers.  You know you're excited when you prioritise searching for bath mats over buying a new dress! 

Check out my ongoing homeware wishlist here and let me know of any tips for jazzing up rented accommodation.  I'll try to keep you updated with any progress along the way!


  1. Great post, I love decorating new spaces. When I first moved out I kept everything white with pops of mostly red (white Hermes (I think that's spelt right?) wardrobe from Ikea, white desk, a day bed full of bright cushions, fairy lights strung around and those colourful frames from ikea scattered on the white walls). I work in theatre so was lucky to pick up bits and bobs left over from shows to add to my space, also loved to look around Camden Market, Laura Ashley and surprisingly pound shops for pretty kitchen storage jars!

  2. I love a simplistic room with vibrant pops of colour. Love the pineapple tray, may have to get that for my uni kitchen. Plus the throw is so pretty. Love Alana xxx

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