I Want You To Know has a carefully targeted audience of over 2,000 subscribers, which is always growing.  Highlights of 2011 include a Cosmopolitan Blog Award nomination, a feature in one of Japan's top magazines and a press trip to Paris for an international brand.  I also use the Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest platforms as various outlets for my ideas and experiences.

I love to get e-mails from relevant brands and I shall reply in a timely fashion if I think there is something that could work for IWYTK.  It's important to remember that this isn't really a  blog that provides news in a traditional sense and I'm unlikely to write about an event hosted last Wednesday or repost a press release.  I really want to offer a personal perspective in everything I do, so contact me if you think we could work together in some sort of way.

I am also a recent knitwear design graduate and am open to any opportunities related to this.

The Small Print
I believe in being open and honest about anything that happens on IWYTK.  When I started my blog around three years ago, I had no idea the amount of opportunities that would come my way and even if they didn't, I'd still be writing.  Everything that I write about is determined by me alone (there is no team, blogging collective or higher power) and I try really hard to make sure that I feature companies  and events that fit in with my interests and style. 

I mainly post my own images on the blog (no matter how dodgy they may be) but on the occasions when I don't, I try to provide a credit or link within the post.  It's really important to provide a personal perspective when I write, which is why I take hundreds of photos when out and about and prefer to use these over anything else.  All of my images are edited using Photoshop and I have been using a Canon 550D since August 2011.  If you want to use any of my images I would prefer you to contact me first but usually a credit complete with link to my blog is enough.

All opinions are my own and I will most likely never write a sponsored post (unless it's about apartments in Manhattan or a two week trip to Tokyo).  My blog posts are really important to me and I don't want to write anything unnecessary or 'cut and paste' any text given to me by a brand, so any request would have to be the perfect fit and clearly marked. I do not accept payment for positive reviews nor do I accept guest posts which contain optimised links.

From time to time I will accept relevant adverts and text links on the basis that they are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the running of this site. I may occasionally use affiliate links when available for any shops, items I have worn or hope to buy.  Once I have written a post, I search for any relevant affiliate links and if nothing is found, then the content of the post doesn't change.  I will never feature something irrelevant just to create an affiliate link.

Clothing, Accessories and Products
From time to time I will accept clothing and products to feature on IWYTK but they are not the be all and end all of my blogging life.  The majority of my clothes have been purchased with my own money and are regularly featured and loved.  When working with brands, I will always endeavour to pick out the items myself and send anything back that doesn't work for me (or use the items for reader giveaways).  My style can be somewhat flexible and although I like to take a few risks when choosing,  I will never feature anything that doesn't fit in with my style ethos or a brand that I wouldn't buy (or aspire to buy) from. Any item that has been sent to me is marked clearly with 'c/o', meaning courtesy of.

Please direct any enquiries to