outside Hope clothing store Stockholm

I’m Kristabel, a somewhat eccentric knitwear obsessive, born and bred in London. Occasionally I’ve taken a break from the capital (I lived in New York for 7 months in 2010 and I’m a Nottingham Trent alumni) but essentially the eclectic nature of my hometown is present in everything I do. I’m down to earth, a little bit goofy and prone to bouts of over-excitement when presented with chunky-heeled shoes.

I Want You To Know has turned into the backdrop for my defining twenty-something years. I've studied, interned and juggled the career I’ve always wanted with a hobby that came out of the blue, all whilst sharing and documenting my adventures and discoveries online. All of the eclectic things I love and want to fit into my life reside here. Fashion is my obsession, I dress for myself first and foremost and attempt to express my personality through what I wear. It encourages me to push myself in so many ways and I’m working out how to push things a little more.

Time has flown since I started blogging in 2008 and but I still love the freedom it provides. It’s an online scrapbook for all of the things I appreciate and am inspired by, plus everything in between. Typically I document my outfits, bargain finds, press days, travels, exhibitions and the odd fashion show. As I evolve as a person, the topics may broaden and vary but in essence the voice stays the same.  Exciting!

I’ve answered a few frequently asked questions here, but feel free to e-mail if you want to ask some more! If you want to keep reading, feel free to subscribe or check out some of my other forms of social media.  For advertising, collaboration and commercial enquires, please contact me at kristabel@iwantyoutoknow.co.uk.

These are all the things I want you to know about.