29 January 2012

berlin building

Here's another Berlin post for you!  Some of my favourite posts are when I can share my travels, which I wish I could do more often. I really appreciate each time I go away and this recent visit has spurred me on to act slightly like a tourist at the weekends and make the most of what London has to offer, until I can next escape.  Despite the cold and persistent rain, a change of scenery was just what I needed and Susie was the ideal travelling companion (there was never any awkwardness when gazing into our laptop screens simultaneously), with plenty of laughs provided along the way.  Although some parts of Berlin may not necessarily be considered pretty in a traditional sense, there is a certain mismatched charm about the architecture, graffiti and multi-coloured buildings that I couldn't stop photographing.  I think I'm more drawn to imperfections and was envisioning several small projects in my head that may or may not come to fruition.

berlin apartment cafe einstein coffee berlin berlin graffiti berlin archictecture h&m coat a.p.c striped jumper vintage skirt vagabond grace boots tree necklace a.p.c breton
Coat - H&M
Jumper - A.P.C
Skirt - Vintage
Boots - c/o Zalando
Necklace - Pema

I am usually rubbish at packing for trips and usually end up sick of all my clothes within the first 24 hours, but luckily the cold made everything simple, all I wanted was warmth!  The jumper + skirt combination served me well and I thought it was perfectly apt to wear my beloved burgundy skirt that I'd bought during my last trip to Berlin.  I've worn it so much in the past 6 months and I'm really glad I decided to pick something sensible to buy that day.  This is what I wore for a desperately needed brunch at CafĂ© Einstein, which I would never have known about until someone recommended it to us at Bread and Butter.  We didn't get around to taking arty pictures of the food as we were famished but be assured that it was delicious and is well worth a visit if you're planning a trip to the city.

colours berlin vintage kilo colours berlin vintage kilo old papers berlin signs old tools old china old tins cat bag old photo frames vintage polka dot blouses old photographs

I had been hoping to find a few companions to my vintage skirt in some of the charity shops and flea markets, but alas it wasn't meant to be.  The nature of vintage shopping is always a bit uncertain and the stock was so drastically different to my July visit, consisting mainly of scratchy jumpers and heavy coats.  I'm sure I will regret not looking for a bargainous piece of unique outerwear later this year, but I was strictly in Spring/Summer mode, hoping to find some nice pencil skirts or cute blouses to wear.  Despite not finding much in the way of stand-out pieces (luckily I didn't go home empty handed after visiting the Humana store at Frankfurter Tor), I enjoyed having a good old rummage and finally getting to see the Mauerpark flea market on my penultimate day.  As per usual I was drawn to all of the clutter and jumble, including the most perfectly kitsch cat patterned bags, which I'm regretting not buying.  I've been seeing cats on everything recently, I think it's a sign!

berlin graffiti h&m coat angora jumper weekday skirt dr martens topshop polka dot tights weekday skirt
Coat, Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Weekday
Tights - Topshop
Dr Martens - c/o Spartoo

I was determined to make the most of Weekday during this trip, as I always have serious envy when browsing their non-transactional site.  Please hurry up and do a Monki so that I can enjoy the pared down Swedish aesthetic all year round!  I always seem to visit when it's between seasons and there's a serious clearance sale, making me determined to find something that isn't too expensive.  I picked up this schoolgirl styled pleated skirt in my default shade of grey and need to attempt to not look like a ten-year-old girl each time I wear it.  My outfit would have almost been in one colour if it weren't for the black jumper and red Dr Martens!  I also bought this very dramatic dress, which reminds me of something by Complex Geometries and swishes about when I walk like some kind of train. 
kristabel and susie
I'm looking particularly happy after a huge Vietnamese meal and Susie is doing the typical blogger 'gazing into the distance' pose

I'm not sure if I'll be visiting Berlin in January again (my poor toes) but it definitely isn't my last trip there!  I'm determined to resurrect more of my A-Level German and discover some of the areas just outside of the city.  Have you got a favourite European city you like to visit?

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  1. Great photos! That coffee looks so good right now!

  2. I do so enjoy your travel photos - and I would *love* to see more of your favourite places in London featured here!

  3. Ahh awesome pictures, love the one of the vintage china (I pinned it! go me, I am so addicted!) I'm loving that picture of you and Susie...PS: your tights are amazing!

  4. I love seeing people's travel photos and this is making me want to pack a suitcase!

    Maria xxx

  5. Great photos, it looks like you had an amazing time and your outfits look great! I'm jealous you've been to Berlin I've never managed to get up despite being German and Berlin being my capital and everything. I think my favorite European city has got to be either London or Paris. Clique but there you go

  6. These pics are so nice, Kristabel, especially the market ones. The box of photographs/postcards looks amazing as does the cat tote! I am such a cat lady, so drawn to that type of thing!! crazy cat lady alert! :) xxx

  7. pretty outfits. berlin looks so lovely, looks like you had much fun. ive always wanted to visit!

  8. It looks like you guys had such an amazing time!

    I've always wanted to visit. I love all your outfits too! xx

  9. Your pics definitely make me want to grab a suitcase and fly to Berlin soon!

  10. i love that grey outfit! its perfection! i used to be really into tights and i think seeing all your diffferent pairs is getting me reobsessed :)
    also the grafitti there is great. i love going to cities with great grafitti x

  11. I always love your photos so much! especially the blue/peach buildings side by side. Lovely!

  12. Fabulous coat and tights - super chic and cute outfit. xx

  13. I definitely enjoyed my trip to Berlin when I went in December 2010 - it's a gorgeous place and everything was covered in snow back then!

    I get what you mean about posting about travelling all the time - I wish I could just travel all the time and post my photos!

    My favourite place is London; I can't wait to move back next chance I get!

  14. I'm going to Antwerrrrp! Whoop whoop hehe kbel I love your grey coat, its lush and the school girl skirt is great! Shame about lack of shopping tho.. big love lady, oh and love all the old tools! Looks like the Somerset hehe xxx

  15. you took so ace shots while you were there, really getting a feel for the place. we're hopefully going when my gf has finished uni. as if you didn't buy the red shirt with the cartoons on one side! also into the stairs and tools shots

  16. I LOVE your outfits!! you have a great style x

  17. I love the photos you took!+
    I somehow experience a different Berlin everytime I go (ok, only been three times so far - even though it's the capital of the country I'm originally from ;))

  18. Love your blog - bursting with inspiration =)

    The all grey outfit is really well done.

    Would love you to check out my new blog x

  19. amazing pictures! I live in Berlin and I'm currently sick because it is so cold!
    Love Lois xxx