Polka Dot Days

11 March 2012

I'm Kristabel and I'm addicted to polka dots.  It seems that I have failed in my quest to diversify my print collection and to buy less of my preferred print.  I blame Monki and Topshop partly for this as it seems that they are still everywhere on the High Street, in new shapes and colour combinations previously unseen in my wardrobe. Methinks that the Yayoi Kusama exhibition (more on that later) will certainly help in keeping dots as a print force to be reckoned with and have just accepted that I will always keep buying into its various guises.  In the past week I've noticed a certain theme in what I've been wearing, with most outfits including either floral patterns or polka dots with a new twist.  I guess this post is a roundabout way of showing you some of the new bits and bobs I've been buying for Spring as well a few events I've been to recently.

mary katrantzou topshop newgen t-shirt monki skirt mary katrantzou newgen t-shirt monki skirt mary katrantzou topshop newgen t-shirt monki skirt
Belt - Charity shop
Skirt - Monki
Boots - Vagabond

It took a lot of willpower not to buy this skirt from Monki.  It kept taunting me in the Selfridges concession, looking so simple to wear and the perfect length but I kept telling myself that I did not need another polyester pleated skirt.  Eventually I caved after a quick wander into the new Carnaby Street store and realised that I could get a lot of wear out of it, either teamed with a clashing t-shirt or baggy jumper.  I don't really have a one in one out policy in my wardrobe as of yet but I feel that I could perhaps part with some of my lesser worn skirts as a compromise.  The Mary Katrantzou tee arrived after fashion week and it was love at first sight, boasting a similar print to her SS12 collection but for the minute price of £30.  I've hidden most of the ombre effect with the skirt but the length lends itself well to eventual print clashing with floral trousers (if I'm brave enough) or just brightening up a pair of jeans.

topshop yellow lace dress wolford zebra tights tatty devine name necklace leopard print nail art company blog awards 2012
 Dress - Topshop 
Belt - Charity shop 
Tights - Wolford 
Shoes - Nine West Vintage America 
Ring - Monki 
Necklace - Tatty Devine

For the Company Blog Awards it was back to the tried and tested lace dress formula, but this time in a bold yellow colour.  I had originally wanted the dress in the light grey when I first saw it online, but since only this colour was reduced, I decided to be a bit braver with my choice.  I think Amy was impressed, as I'm usually always in black whenever she sees me!  No matter what your opinions on blog awards are, they're a great excuse for a social event and interacting with online buddies in real life.  You can see a few pictures of the evening here and the eventual winners; instead of drowning our sorrows a few of us embarked on a spontaneous visit to The Diner to stock up on cheeseburgers and fries! 

topshop polka dot dress leather jacket polka dot tights shimmer twins false eyelashes gold
Leather jacket, dress - Topshop 
Belt - Vintage 
Tights - M&S 
Boots - Vagabond c/o Zalando
Necklace - Me & Zena

You might have already guessed this from the outset, but I am immensely happy that Monki has finally opened a standalone store in the UK and on Thursday I was invited to their launch party.  The store was packed with some of the trendiest people London has to offer, amazing clothes and some of the cutest finger food which was perfect antidote after a long day at work.  I tried to channel the quirks of the brand with a head-to-toe polka dotted look and fully got into the spirit of the party by donning some gold star eyelashes by Shimmer Twins.  I've read a few posts about Monki parties that they've held all over Europe and this occasion didn't disappoint, with an amazing playlist featuring the likes of Destiny's Child (none of that newfangled stuff) and a set from the Swedish duo Icona Pop I'd previously been unaware of.  This sense of fun and sharing stories of the lives of creatives from all over the world has been carried through to their newest magazine issue, which is free to pick up in store.

monki launch party carnaby street jelly desserts jen style east monki launch party carnaby street monki launch party london carnaby street monki launch party london carnaby street monki magazine
A few snaps of the new Monki store, plus the best dance buddy ever Jen and Daniela and I in a lovely photo taken by Abi

Are you planning to pay a visit to the Monki store in Carnaby street?  I can tell already that its addition to the area will seriously harm my bank balance as I spy something I want every time I visit.  I wonder how long it will be until something polka-dotted works its way into my wardrobe again...

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  1. I have to say I was really disappointed with the new Monki store :(

    I was kind of disappointed with the Selfridges concession, but have still picked up a couple of bits! I know it's not expensive but in my opinion the quality is worse than Primark and they're more expensive than there! Sorry but just my thoughts...

    I do love the skirt you're wearing though and I might be tempted to give that piece a go! Do they do it in other colours? x

    [ Becky at life/style/flash. blog]

  2. You look amazing on all of these pics! Love your style :)
    I'm a massive sucker for polka dots too haha and i think i will be for the rest of my life. You can't beat a good dotty piece of clothing :D

  3. I love the polka dot skirt, so pretty.
    The yellow dress is amazing too, it looks utterly fab on you. How lush are those eye lashes! x

  4. hahaha I can't believe you put this photo of me in your post!! I think I may have been drunk. Was such good fun though, we need to go dancing again soon (maybe in somewhere more socially acceptable than a shop). Love all these outfit photos, you should be a polka dot ambassador or something ;) xx

  5. such great photos!!!
    outfit #1- you mix these prints so effortlessly...and you look STUNNING! well done.
    outfit #2- LOVE this color on you. and those tights are beyond cool.
    outfit #3- i love polka dots as much as you. :) so pretty!

  6. Your photos are so cute! Love the bold yellow lace dress. Such an awesome item!

  7. I have a bit of a polka dot addiction too, can never resist buying more! Looking forward to visiting the new Monki store when I'm next in London!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. Polka Dots Addicts Anonymous. Or not so anonymous I guess. I love polka dots. I cannot walk past a polka dot print in a shop. It's getting ridiculous now.

  9. I adore your style it's very individual! I am still lusting after Vagabond boots, I saw them on your blog ages ago and still haven't bought a pair-one day! Also, love love love your yellow topshop lace dress!

    Just generally LOVE your style! (sorry if i'm getting over excited haha)

    Jade x

  10. I need to go to Carnaby Street asap! Looks promising! :D

    London Last Night

  11. The yellow lace dress is amazing, such a beautiful colour. It looks like you had a very eventful week - you look amazing in all the outfits! xxx

  12. Mary Katrantzou tee snap! (wow, seems a lot longer typed out...) I love it, and it goes exceptionally well with the polka dots, so I don't blame you. Haven't been to the Carnarby store yet, but it's on my to-do list xx

  13. i want your top <3 i went into topshop yesterday hopeing there would be one left and there was just to small :( x

  14. Ahh - a girl after my own heart! Polka dots and Monki...two of my favourite things at the moment. I take random trips down to London every few months for shopping so the Monki concession has been top of my list and now I can't wait to hit up the new shop. Woo hoo!

    Caz x

  15. When one looks as smashing in polka dots as you do, one should wear them all the damn time!

  16. Aw the events look super fun! The Monki event sounds awesome and those lashes are so unique. I haven't had time to venture over to the Monki in HK yet...will definitely be popping over at some point, especially since it's at an even cheaper price point over here. Love that polka dot and you and Daniela look gorgeous in that pic!

  17. I love dots! I LOVE THEM, you look so amazing in that yellow dress though! AMAZING!!

    argh i wish the Monki store was open when I was in the UK...I WANTED TO GO SO BADLY..grr just my luck!

  18. I LOVE MONKI, seriously obsessing over that shop right now, I loved how it was all merchandised!

    Maria xxx

  19. Love you in mustard! Such a perfect colour on you. You should wear it all the time.

    I always like Monki on other people but find it disappointing in store... Have tried to buy things multiple times but inevitably fail because the quality isn't where I want it to be. One day... X

  20. Ohh, I truly adore your Company outfit! <3 The mustard shade looks so gorgeous - and it's my favourite colour!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  21. LOVE your tights you wore for Company Blog Awards. And your nails :)

  22. and polka dots love you! nice surprise to see my face in here :) xx

  23. Love the first outfit, great clash of prints! x

  24. You are such an addict! Love the clashing prints and also pairing the polka dot dress with polka dot tights.