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28 September 2012

London Fashion Week SS13

I'm a bit of a COS addict these days.  The shopping experience is always a pleasant one, with perfectly ordered rails and the right mix of forever and 'this season' pieces at a price that isn't too out of reach.  COS prices are the kind of prices I wish certain other stores would emulate, namely Sandro, Maje, The Kooples, Whistles and Jaeger, the list goes on.  They're enough to make you feel that you are buying an elevated product but still affordable so that you are able live off something more substantial than baked beans.  For my sole day of fashion week, I ended up wearing a helluva lot of the brand purely by accident.  If you cast your minds back to last year, you might remember the start of my search for a trench coat. I spied the COS version when it first came out back in March and practically leapt into the shop once I'd realised it was on sale.

Cos Trench Mulberry Bayswater bag
Tatty Devine name necklace Cos cosmic top
Vagabond brogue flatforms sparkly socks
What to wear to fashion week

Trench, Jumper - COS
Skirt - c/o Very
Name Necklace - Tatty Devine
 Low smart shoes - c/o Spartoo Shoes
Ring - Weekday

Is anyone else completely failing at trying to tackle head-to-toe print?  I ended up returning all of the matchy tops in my J.W Anderson for Topshop order and decided to keep a few skirts to wear with what I already have.  I first spied this cosmic pattern in one of Stella's outfits and was determined to follow suit with the jumper instead of the shirt.  Alas by the time I'd got around to purchasing, the trousers were nowhere to be seen and I had to make do with just a neck to hip print instead.  Still, I love how the design incorporates two of my favourite things, a striking yet understated print and good old knitted sleeves.  For fashion week, footwear-wise I'm now all about comfort and my new Vagabond flatforms were the ideal choice, fitting perfectly from the first wear and handily providing those extra few inches of height.  I do end up stumbling in them a few times but that's mainly due to my own concentration, rather than the design of the shoe. 

grazia street fashion week street style london
Some of the lovely ladies I snapped, which has kick-started my Winter coat envy

Seamlessly moving from one fashion week to another, you might remember that I mentioned that I was taking part in Grazia's Street Fashion Week.  There's been a few articles about the whole people-waiting-to-be-photographed thing at fashion weeks and as much as I love the images of extravagant editors, sometimes I like to see something a tad more relatable and how people dress for a typical day.  Often I'll stumble across some extremely well-dressed strangers out and about (a few weeks ago I even took a candid snap on the Overground of a girl as I loved her effortless combination) so now I finally had a legitimate reason to document these kinds of things. On Monday it was my turn to roam the streets of London and I managed to find some cool outfits, despite the rain, wind and general failure of the weather to cooperate.  It was interesting to go through some of the motions of a street style photographer and work out whether I liked the mixture of clothing and accessories enough to approach someone (I had to restrain myself from stopping everyone who was wearing flatforms).  You'll spy all of the people I snapped on the microsite, including a fashion designer, music journalist and off-duty model with her own appreciation Tumblr!  It's amazing the people you can find on the streets of London and how friendly people can be when they know you love something they're wearing; I definitely got a few shopping ideas and can't wait to find out which city might win!

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  1. Oh man LOOK I'm first on the list (bored at work on a Friday afternoon) this is exciting!

    I love that pic of you with your mouth open.. ready for a delectable piece of lobster! Haha

    Cool name necklace! I should get one too! People will be wondering how to say my name or thinking it's some foreign language word..


  2. YEAH!!! My face is now on your blog!!

    (i 'follow'ed your blog via google friend connect)

  3. I definitely agree about the slew of people who just go out to get their photo snapped. I like your pictures brings street style BACK TO THE STREETS

  4. I love the COS Jumper and the beautiful Mulberry. I like real street style pics over any that are taken over Fashion week, they're just so much more practical and real!

  5. "They're enough to make you feel that you are buying an elevated product but still affordable", that is a perfect description of COS, totally agree. I do think you get more design for your buck with the womenswear mind you. £50/60 for a plain shirt in the mens section isn't as interesting as some skirt doing all sorts of vibes in the womens

  6. This jumper is great, I love the pattern. It was so lovely to see you at the weekend, hope you had a good time :)

    Maria xxx

  7. I am literally in love with your blog, such great inspiration !