Walking in a Winter Wonderland

23 December 2012

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London

There are just some things you have to experience over Christmas in London.  Sure, they may be somewhat overpriced and full of slow-moving crowds, but sometimes you just have to forget the sensible mindset you have all year round and absorb the spirit of the season.  I had never been to Winter Wonderland in previous years, put off after hearing that you had to pay to get in and things were still ridiculously expensive on top but luckily that's not the case.  You can still partake in the atmosphere without spending a huge amount of money, maybe have a cup of mulled wine here and there before finding something more substantial to eat further afield (I recommend Meat Liquor of course).  A German-style market in the capital is never going to be quite the same as experiencing one in Berlin or Frankfurt no matter how hard it tries, but there's something about the bright lights and kitsch rides that never fails to excite me and my trusty camera.  I've been there twice in the past few weeks, first with friends for an after-work drink on the revolving carousel (strangely relaxing) and yesterday with my Mum and sister for a whistlestop tour before dark.

russian dolls Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
marzipan Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
sweets Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Father Christmas
London fridge magnets
wooden decorations Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Merry go Round Carousel Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
signs Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
plush soft toys to win Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
helter skelter Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London

For some reason I hadn't been to Hyde Park since all of the sunny Olympic festivities and it was somewhat surreal to see it transformed again into a wannabe Christmas theme park.  The weather was damp and dreary in comparison so luckily our choice to go on the Giant Wheel was a sensible one and a novel way to get away from the crowds.  Since the park is so spacious, it's easy to forget that you're in the centre of London and the view was a helpful reminder of what the city has to offer.

sweets candy lollies candy canes at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Mulled Wine Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
heart-shaped cookies Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
day out in Winter Wondeland
View from Giant Observation Wheel Hyde Park
View from Giant Observation Wheel Hyde Park
Thanks to Sherin at Greenlight (congrats on the new job) and BGO for the Giant Wheel tickets. They were much appreciated by us all and I'm now humming Christmas songs on repeat.

So firstly, I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!  I've taken the plunge and booked two whole weeks holiday, which is scarily the longest amount of time I've had off since July 2011.  Oh the joys of work!  I'm hoping to sort out some things behind the scenes, watch some cheesy films the whole way through (Elf is in this category) and eat ridiculous amounts of the delicious stuffing my Mum makes.  Once a year is not enough!  What are your plans for the festive season?

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  1. Is that your mum and sister? What a beautiful pair! Like yourself :)
    Happy Christmas dear K'Bell! xxx

  2. Great photos! I've never been to Winter Wonderland (I also figured it would be too busy) but you've actually made it sound quite appealing... xx

  3. This post only further confirms that London is the most amazing city in the world and I'm doing well in moving there next year!

  4. aww cute photos! i've always wanted to go to winter wonderland!

  5. Ahh your photos look amazing, I can't wait to get practising when I finally FINALLY buy myself an SLR after Christmas. Winter wonderland looks like lots of fun - we have a version in Birmingham which is meant to be on par with Winter Wonderland too but that's all gone now.

    Hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and I think we are due for a much needed catch up after Christmas. Happy Christmas! xxx

  6. I love the images, seems so fun!!!! Also have a happy break from work :) I have a month break from Uni, & I'm like :O LOL

    Lots of love,


  7. Looks like such a happy vibrant place, I deifinitly want to visit London again soon! Hope you've had a nice Christmas x

  8. bit late but hope your christmas was nice. your camera has been working overtime here, the images have come out so well.